Styling velvet for the Holidays

Styling velvet for the Holidays

I love the holidays because you can really have fun with your outfits! Sequins, feathers, velvet… what’s not to love? Fashion is always about having fun so why not embrace all these amazing textures? I’ve been playing with all the fabrics this month, but I wanted to share one outfit in particular that I really loved. I wore these holiday appropriate velvet pants (above) a few days ago for a full day of work, a few meetings, a photo shoot and then drinks with friends. These velvet pants are so good they have already sold out on Free People, but are still alive and kicking at Nordstrom (SHOP HERE).

I like the idea of mixing something that is a louder standout piece (like these velvet flare pants) with understated “put together” basics. You can wear these to a night out with a silky, sexier top, or wear something more conservative on top for a work party (like a matching or contrasting blazer). For a casual day, velvet pairs amazingly with a band tee and a loose cardigan or a leather jacket. The beauty of velvet is that it looks festive but also keeps you warm. You know I’m always down for being cozy but also stylish at the same time.

As always, the key to wearing velvet (whether it be a skirt, a blazer, a dress or some pants) is always in the cut! Velvet can easily look frumpy and outdated if not done right. Make sure to get pieces that have a great fit and really compliment you. If you aren’t sure about velvet, try incorporating it into your look with simple velvet accessories like a cute velvet head scarf or some velvet shoes.

Here are some amazing velvet pieces below:


What kind of velvet piece would you opt for and how would you style it?

Happy Holidays guys!

-xx F