Face Masks, but Make it Fashion

Face Masks, but Make it Fashion

If you told me back in March if I’d be dedicating a blog post to face masks, I’d probably say “nah”. But now that it looks like we’ll be wearing face masks for a while, we might as well make them fashionable, right? I’m sure you’ve all heard it before, but it’s super important to leave the surgical masks and N95s for all our amazing healthcare professionals and essential workers. That being said, picking up a few reusable face masks is the best way to follow the CDC guidelines and do your part in flattening the curve! Not to mention way more sustainable.

I definitely think there’s no harm in trying to find aesthetically pleasing face masks. After all, it’s so important to make the most out of everything right now and find joy in the little things (even if just finding a cute face mask). From luxe silks to fun tie-dye to the viral face mask chain trend, here are some super cute fashionable face masks you can shop now.


Yup, luxe fabric face masks are officially a thing. I’ve been seeing silk ones become more and more popular because of their antimicrobial properties and because they’re naturally hypoallergenic (similar to sleeping with a silk face mask or pillowcase!) Other luxe fabrics that look super chic are lace and velvet.


You guys know I’m all about tie-dye. Even before tie-dye sweatpants became THE quarantine must-have, I was already fully in. I’ve even had my share of DIY tie-dye and bleaching fun. Of course, I’m more than stoked that a lot of brands have come out with tie-dye masks, so I’ll share some of my favorites below. If you’re in the DIY mood, tie-dying your own masks could also be a fun activity to do at home!


Given that it’s summertime and the sun is shining, fun summer prints and colors are absolutely necessary in my book. Seriously, there’s nothing fun about wearing the same black one every day! A girl needs some color in her life now and then. Some prints I’m loving for summer are gingham, stripes, and tropical floral print.


You’ve probably seen them on Instagram, but glitzy, rhinestone face masks are becoming a thing. I’ve been seeing girls wear these out to dinner as a way to liven up their outfits. Just make sure your rhinestone or chain-mail mask has a lining underneath because, without it, it won’t be doing its job to protect you and those around you!


Mask chains–the newest trend to go viral on Instagram. Just like a sunglasses chain, a mask chain hooks onto your face mask to not only make it instantly cooler but help keep your mask with you at all times! A bunch of brands are selling mask chains (and they’re selling out fast!), but you can easily buy a sunglasses chain and hook it on to any of your face masks if you want to save some mullah! I personally just bought a few linen ones from Latina owned brand Second Wind.


Given a lot of brands have been using their own deadstock fabrics and up-cycling fabrics from past collections to create their face masks, a lot of the one’s I’ve already linked are sustainable! But to make it easier to support brands producing ethically-made masks, employing ethically treated workers and donating to the cause, I’ve shared some great ones below.


Stay safe!

XX Francesca