Under $100 Photography Amazon finds

Under $100 Photography Amazon finds

I’ve gotten a few things from amazon that have been so worth it! When it comes to camera equipment, amazon really has it all.While I love going to and supporting my local shops, window shopping and talking to someone in person, its also hard to resist the convenience of just click and purchase. Especially during these times. Below are a few of my top amazon photography finds that are all under $100.

 I listed a few different things here. One ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER is this ring light. It makes all the difference for taking your own photos and videos. I linked the exact one that I bought and I also linked a simple phone stand in case you don’t care about the light or want to shoot yourself outdoors (where lugging around a ring light would be so extra). The other one I’m loving and always mention is the JOBY gorilla pod because of how easy and dynamic it is. You can use it in so many places and its great for travel. I also added a few extra fun toys you should def check out. (Click image below to shop)

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