DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday! I love getting scared, I love scaring people and I love binging scary movies all month long. Most of all though, I love seeing everyone’s creativity when it comes to Halloween costumes! This year is a bit different thanks to Covid but that doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun and can’t still get in the spirit of things. As a matter of fact I think that means we should definitely get in the spirit of things and go all out. I for one am definitely going to dress up and have a night with some friends enjoying each others company outdoors. While I love getting dressed up on Halloween night, I also don’t like spending money on a costume that I will only wear ONCE so I always try and DIY my costumes out of things I already have in my closet. Here are a few DIY Halloween costume ideas that I have worn in the past and a few others that could be great and easy to put together (including what I will be doing this year).


This costume is so iconic and fun I just want to do it every year! But most importantly, it’s super easy. For this one I already had everything I needed in my closet and went out to buy some sticky jewels from Michael’s. Then, I sat in front of the TV threw on some Netflix and began to bejewel my bra, hat and belt! Selena has a few other very iconic looks so do a quick google search and see which one is easier based on what you already have in your closet!

Mia Wallace- Pulp Fiction

You will always find a few Mia Wallaces on Halloween, but it truly never gets old! This character, played by Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction is always an easy one to pull off, plus you get to do that quirky diner dance if you hit up a small social distanced dance party. This one is also a fun couples costume if your sig other goes as John Travolta’s character. All you need are some black stretchy pants, an oversized button down white blouse (I borrowed Johns here), a short black wig and don’t forget the cigarette. Take it a notch further and make it gory by having a syringe attached to your chest from the scene where she’s revived.


Lara Croft- Tomb Raider

This video game and movie character is bad ass!! All you need are some short shorts and a ribbed muscle tank or cropped top! You could either go for the Angelina Jolie version in all black or video game version that wears a bit more color. I found both shorts and top in my closet then used one of my leather belts for a “gun holster” and just made the holsters with some materials I had around the house and a staple gun (I was lazy … you could probably sew it and get better results haha). All you really need to go buy that you most likely don’t have are leather fingerless gloves  or just something fun like the fishnet gloves I am wearing above) and a few toy guns to complete this look. Don’t forget to work the braid and a few hanging hair pieces in the front.


Day of the Dead

This Mexican holiday is always fun to dress up for! This one does take a bit more planning because the  makeup is so intricate and the headset / little details can make or break your look! I made this one very last minute but considering that I think it worked out! Typically this costume requires a black dress and a pretty headdress of flowers or a crown (google) so you can resemble a Catrina. I didn’t have time to make my headdress so I just glue gunned some roses to a brim I made for my hat. If you are feeling extra lazy and don’t want to make your own headdress then just get your outfit and makeup done at home and order a headdress online! Etsy sells a few.

A few other ideas:

Butterfly: Spoiler alert! This is what I want to be this Halloween. I am going to wear anything holographic or glowy and throw on some butterfly wings, do some Euphoria inspired makeup and put on my skates so I can flow around. I will probably buy my wings off etsy then do the rest of the look myself at home. Down for anything magical right now!

Coronavirus: You know a lot of people will wear this right? Grab a cheap pair of sweats and dye them green or dark brown then stick a bunch of red small foam balls all around it!!!

Anna Wintour: Wear some Chanel-looking suit (like a blazer and skirt set) and buy a short blonde (or light brown) wig that has the classic Wintour cut. Don’t forget the sunglasses and your bitch face.

Maleficent: This one is so bad ass and easy! All you need are the horns! After you have that just put together a cute all black costume and throw on some killer, edgy, smokey eye red lip makeup.

Cher + Dion from Clueless: DUH! Need I say more? Classic costume that you can easily throw together if you have a plaid 90’s inspired wardrobe. Great for bffs or to wear alone as one of them.

Sandy or the Pink Ladies from Grease : For you alone to do or with some friends. Love this costume! So easy. Just takes a bit of classic hair styles, cute makeup and sassy clothes!For Sandy just wear a moto jacet with high-waisted faux leather leggings (or black denim) some red pumps and red lips!

Beyonce, Lemonade: Just add a bright yellow/mustard outfit (preferably a dress with ruffles) and a baseball bat!!! Don’t forget to bring your attitude and swaying hips along with you.

Mummy: Just wear all white! I love the idea of a cute mini body con dress here. Just wrap some toilet paper all around you  (your can just do a few here and there to give the effect and not waste too much paper). You can also find some gauzy white fabric somewhere  or Halloween spiderweb material to throw around you for added effect.

Cleopatra: This is one I’ve always wanted to be but never prepare in time for. You can definitely DIY this if you make it ahead of time. All you really need is the Cleo wig and some good jewels for the added detail.