Super Cute Nail Trends for Spring 2021

Super Cute Nail Trends for Spring 2021

A new season is coming and having a little change with my style seems necessary. I already got a hair cut (bangs) and now I’m ready to try out all different types of nail art! How about you? Last month I tried 90’s nails where every nail was different. One was smiley faces, one was checkered print and another ying yang. It was fun and I wanna try it all! Since I am going to get my nails done again tomorrow I figured it was a great time to put together this post and gather some inspiration. Below are some super fun fashion forward nail trends I added to my board via pinterest  that will be huge this spring! Which one would you wear?

Checkered Print

90’s inspired


abstract minimal art

None of these images are my own. Found these via Pinterest.