Easy Holiday Photoshoot ideas

Easy Holiday Photoshoot ideas

I can not believe November is already coming to an end. What a whirlwind of a year. Christmas and the Holidays will pass us by quicker than we know and it’s time to bust out all that holiday content!

Here are a few fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing for your next IG post.

Hold a Wreath

Easy way to get a little holiday vibe while also shooting a cute OOTD. Pick up a pretty wreath and just hold it, sit with it, throw it in the air, use it to Frame you.. anything. Just having the wreath itself already adds a perfect touch of holiday cheer.


Holiday Decor Aisle

Honestly the easiest and cheapest way to get festive without trying.  Just go to your local target, Michaels or anywhere that has great holiday decor and shoot in the store! It’s always a fun challenge and the shots are fun because they have more of a lifestyle feel to them. For this shot I decorated the cart a bit before shooting with it.


Add a Santa hat

It may be cold where you are but here in Cali its still in the 70/80’s so shooting in a bikini is appropriate and fun! Also a cute idea if you head on vacation somewhere warm.  Of course you don’t have to be in a swimmie… if its colder where you are just wear something cozy and add a the Santa hat flair.


Christmas Tree Display

An obvious one right? I don’t typically put up a tree in my house so I love to go check out Christmas tree displays and shoot some cute shots in front of them . Throw on a cute outfit that compliments the tree. You can  google the decor of the tree ahead of time to make sure you really stand out from all the noisy colors and decorations.

FireFly or Christmas Lights

Love the effect string lights have on photos! I got these firefly lights for super cheap off Urban outfitters (also on Amazon). So good for any photo (especially portrait) during the holidays. Set some up in the backdrop and shoot some low-aperture half shots with a strong blurred background) to get that holiday glow. Get creative with the lights and have fun! They can also be fun if added to the foreground to create depth and interesting lighting.


Easy and simple! Grab your mistletoe, head to a cute backdrop and give your best kissy face! Super cute, easy and perfect for the Holidays! I love the idea of red lips for the Christmas look.

Poinsettia Shopping

Nothing says December like Poinsettias!  A fun lifestyle-type shot would be to document yourself buying them or just shoot around them in general. You can also buy a few to decorate your home and shoot around them to show of your WFH outfit or home lifestyle.

Edit in snowflakes

Use a plain backdrop, shoot a cute photo then edit in some holiday inspired silhouettes to the backdrop like snowflakes. An easy way to do this would be using PICSART app on your phone!


Disco Ball

There is so much you can do with a disco ball! I got a few off amazon and had fun shooting with them. You can play with the light hitting and reflecting off the disco ball or use it to do some fun poses. Either way, A disco ball is an easy groovy way to get some New Years vibes.


Party Dress and City Night Lights

These photos will look great and so festive if done right! Throw on a sparkly reflective dress, find some city lights and shoot using flash! If you don’t like flash, then find some ambient light to light you up and reflect off the dress a bit. Little tip to get those city lights blurred (“bokeh”) is to use a prime lens like a 50 or 85, have a high ISO and have a f stop of about 1.8- 2.4 . That’s my favorite way 🙂



Nothing says New Years quite like confetti! You will definitely make a mess shooting these but it will be so fun! Throw the confetti or blow it and make sure you camera is set to high shutter speed so you can capture the movement.


Hope this helps spark some inspiration. Happy Creating !

xx Frank