Instagram Worthy Spots in Paris

Instagram Worthy Spots in Paris

Let’s be honest, it’s impossible to narrow down ALL the Paris insta-worthy spots into one post. I didn’t have enough time to go visit all of the other spots I know are great on this trip! You really could do a whole month in Paris and never see it all. Either way, here is a good list with some photos for reference to get you started!



The LOUVRE:  Beautiful famous landmark to shoot in front of. You don’t even have to go inside the actual museum if you don’t want to because the outside is absolutely beautiful. If you want to go shoot more professional photos without people I suggest you go early morning before the museum opens. Pro Tip: The museum doesn’t open on Tuesdays so this is a great day to go. Go early because crowds still gather after a certain hour!



Cafe Marly: This is the IG famous spot where you can grab a bite or a coffee and catch the background with the famous Louvre Pyramid behind. I went to shoot early in the morning at the Louvre then immediately wen to the restaurant as soon as it opened for a hot tea and croissant.  We didn’t have a resi and didn’t have a problem getting in, but just in case, make sure to make one online ahead of time!



Trocadero: At Sunrise or Sunset Trocadero will give you a beautiful centered view of the Eiffel Tower.  This place also gets very packed with tourists (especially at sunset) so definitely keep this in mind! The photo above is from the bottom part of Trocadero so you can see the cars a bit more, but if you walk up a very small hill a little more there is a beautiful platform higher up with fountains that gives you an even better centered and elevated backdrop of the Eiffel Tower.



Bir Hakeim bridge: If crowds aren’t your thing, You may want to go here to get a shot of the Eiffel Tower. It’s a bit further away from Trocadero, but easier for photos without big crowds and you get an. epic view. I shot this skate video there and it was much more relaxed. However there are bikers and cars driving by here and there so keep an eye out.



Carrette: Pinterest Famous spot! This place is definitely cute for a good flat lay of pastries, tea, coffee and macaroons. The place is also DELICIOUS. WE loved this place so much we went twice. I would go to the Les Marais district because then you can shop around Les Marais which is also super instagram worthy and has the best shopping.



Le Train Bleu: This is a restaurant inside the Gare de Lyon train station. It’s perfect if you have to take a train from this station (went stopped by on our way to Lyon) and plan to stop here before leaving. Or you can just take a taxi or metro to go check it out for lunch! The inside is absolutely stunning and the food is incredible. One of my favorite meals. It is a bit pricey so keep that in mind, but there is an area in the back that has more casual seating and more casual menu if you don’t prefer fine dining.



Anywhere along the Seine: The Seine River running through the center of Paris is always gorgeous. You really can’t go wrong in my opinion.While all the bridges are really beautiful this one is one of my favorites and is walking out of Les Marais district (I can’t remember the name). Another gorgeous one is the Pont Alexandre III Bridge which is the most ornate and most shot bridge in Paris.



Versailles: Not necessarily in the heart of Paris by any means but I had to add this to the list. If you can, take a full day to go visit Versailles while in Paris . It is 100% something you have to see once in your life. Every corner is incredible and so over the top! This place is definitely filled with  many peoples so keep that in mind. Easy quick iPhone photos is probably best, but so worth the memory. Here is a fun reel I did at the entrance of Versailles and in the Hall of Mirrors.

Pro tip: Head straight to the hall of mirrors first thing in the morning to beat the crazy crowds then tour the rest of the palace after. 100% worth it.


Palais Garnier Opera : If you can’t make it to Versailles, this is the next best thing. It’s truly beautiful! Even if you do make versailles, you may want to head here to check it out as well. The outside and inside are both incredible with marble everywhere, beautiful fixtures and gold details. They even have an area that is almost as beautiful as the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles and there are way less people.


Rue Cremieux : A closed off pedestrian street of colorful homes that will make you feel like you’ve travelled to the South of France. This little street is adorable! I read somewhere that the locals are now sick of all the photoshoots going on here so I suggest keeping your shoot very chill. Walk thru, be considerate with the locals living there, keep the shot quick (maybe even just an iPhone shot) and continue on your way. You can shoot straight down the middle and get all the pastel colors at once or stand in front of your favorite colored home that compliments the outfit you are wearing.



Rooftop View : It’s nearly impossible to get a good rooftop shot unless you know someone with access to a rooftop or are staying at an epic Hotel with a view! If you really want a beautiful rooftop photo I suggest reaching out to Carine Photos!!! I had an epic shoot with her on the roof. She made me feel so comfortable and really knew what she was doing.


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xx Francesca