video diary

What 3 days at NYFW looks like

I’m sharing a behind the scenes glimpse into what 3 days at NYFW looks like. While scoping out all the latest trends at the shows, I also took enough iPhone footage to put together this video with you. Join me as we go backstage, hit the runways, shoot some collaborations and run around the city.…

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What A Week in My Life looks like #FVdiaries

Happy Thursday guys! I  am excited to share a new series on my You Tube channel called “A Week in My Life”. I want to make this more of a semi-regular thing. My blog is so highly edited that I felt  this would give a more raw unedited look into my world. 90% of it…

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My YouTube Channel

Hey guys! Sharing my photos and outfits with you has been so fulfilling to me! Seriously, I just love what I do and it means the world to me to see other people enjoy what I am putting out there. It all makes it so worthwhile so thank you!  While I love doing that, I want…

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