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Tips for boosting your mental and physical health

The days are all blending together, aren’t they? While we may feel we’ve lost control of our lives (given what’s happening in the world), one thing we do have control over is making sure our physical and mental health is a priority. For me, there have been good days when I feel super productive and…

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How to get healthy hair again (my hair growth journey)

It’s always been hard for me to keep my hair long and healthy! It wasn’t until a few years ago though that I realized it really wasn’t my hair that was the problem, it was more the way I was taking care of it. I thought I was doing everything right but in reality, I…

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Current Beauty Favorites

One thing I love about being a blogger is that I get to constantly try out new products. If I don’t try things out, then I won’t know what to recommend to you or even what products are the best of the best. I’ve recently switched up my beauty routine and have been absolutely loving…

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