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How to be a better tourist when traveling to Hawaii

 John and I travel to Hawaii often and we’re always trying to be the best visitors possible to the islands. A local once told me that for every Hawaiian local there are 10 tourists. Thats an insane number right?! Imagine if at least half of those people tried to give back to the islands. When…

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What I packed for Hawaii

Here’s what I packed to my trip to Oahu! I took a lot of pieces that could double up as cover ups like this little thigh high slit L Space dress and the denim white piece from Show Me Your Mumu. I packed comfortable shoes that would be great for walking to and from the…

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Guide To Waikiki

I recently took a little trip to Oahu, Hawaii with John (specifically to Waikiki). We have been going there often since we got together and missed going last year due to the pandemic. It was amazing to be back! We really didn’t do much except for eat, drink and enjoy the beach. After the crazy…

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