Why you should be drinking Matcha Tea

Why you should be drinking Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea facts_U6A1817Why you should be drinking Matcha teaI think it’s the fact that San Diego just opened their first matcha spot (called Holy Matcha’ and it’s adorable btw) that made me realize not enough people are drinking matcha in the states! While matcha is a well known concept in Japan, this frothy green goodness is still new to so many people in the US. Of course the word is spreading fast and while big cities are quickly opening up cafes all over, there are a lot of people who are not quite sure what it is. I’ve been posting a lot of snaps and photos when I’m drinking or making matcha and I always get questions from you guys about what it is and where to get some.  Hopefully this will answer all of your questions and I hope will also convert some of you coffee drinkers to matcha lovers!
So, why am I obsessed with matcha? First off, lets talk about what matcha really is. Matcha is a traditional powdered green tea. It’s basically green tea leaves ground into a fine powder. In Japan they use this powder by whisking it together with hot boiling water to make tea (history lesson: this is an older way to make tea than steeping it!). I love to make it at home! I have a cute little bowl I picked out at a local Japanese shop, a bamboo whisk a bamboo spoon , a tiny strainer and make it myself almost every day. I find the ritual soothing and almost meditative. While making it is not hard at all, the benefits of drinking it are enormous. Plus, it’s a delicious way to start my day.
Here are a couple reasons to why you should be drinking Matcha Tea:

  1. Since matcha is made by whisking the ground leaves in hot water you are basically eating the plant giving you a great boost of antioxidants  (10 times the antioxidants you get from drinking normal green tea!! Not too shabby huh?) . You are also ingesting 100% of the nutrients and chlorophyll from the leaves.
  2. Matcha also gives you a great boost in caffeine, but with less jitters than coffee. If you are looking for a good alternative from coffee, matcha is your guy! I find that the caffeine lasts longer and isn’t as intense.
  3. Matcha is known to be a relaxing caffeine buzz. A.K.A, no jitters or crash and burn effects. The tea has L-Theanine (which has a calming affect that works with the caffeine). After drinking matcha you might feel more focused and centered. I love to drink the tea before heading to Yoga! It makes me feel strong, light and focused.
  4. You can use matcha for just about anything. While I’m a huge fan of clean and simple matcha tea whisked with boiling water, I can’t deny I absolutely love matcha with just about anything. Matcha donuts, matcha ice cream, matcha with chocolate, matcha lattes. The list is endless.

If those aren’t enough reasons to start drinking matcha, here are some more of the nutritional values of drinking matcha Tea: burns calories, boosts metabolism, helps detoxify your body, relaxes your state of mind, high in fiber, high vitamins, helps you concentrate, has zinc, magnesium and good ol’ vitamin C, lowers blood sugar levels and cholesterol.
While I love love love going to a cute matcha cafe to hang out, try their stuff and take cute pics for my instagram, making matcha at home is the way to go (not to mention will save you money). I’ve added some links to products you can buy to start your own at home matcha kit. I haven’t tried their actual matcha powders, but the kits should be a great start to drinking matcha! If you want suggestions as to where to get a good powder leave me a comment.  Scroll below for some at home matcha tea kits.

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