How I edit my iPhone photos

How I edit my iPhone photos

Hey Guys! I get so many questions asking what app I use to edit my photos and how  I get them to look the way they do. I upload a lot of professional photos taken with my DSLR  to my instagram, but every once in a while I like to upload some easy iPhone pics (especially when I’m on the go or traveling). I normally edit all my iPhone photos with my recently launched Frank Vinyl Presets using the Lightroom Mobile App. Guys, this app is FREE and super easy to use. Serious game changer!

I am beyond excited about finally having  presets to share with you guys. I spent months tweaking them and making sure they would be just right for you! While all photos are different (lighting, colors, etc.. ), these presets give the perfect starting off point to get that moody/high contrast metallic feel. They work best when shot slightly underexposed, in the shade or during magic hour. I typically shoot mine in the shade or right after the sun sets. Harsh direct bright light is not an ideal photo for this preset.  Pops of sky, ocean or blue/green colors look amazing with these.  In general, I think iPhone photos work best when the light is nice and even anyway!

For the Photos shown here,  I used the FV Metallic 06 preset and lightly tweaked the photo after. I like to  take away any yellows that are not already in my skin, clothing or sky. In the Lightroom mobile app I will select an area and change the temperature in lightroom mobile to a cooler desaturated color. This helps keep all the focus on the cool tones and pops of color in the clothing. In these photos, for example, I simply changed the yellower sand to a lighter desaturated cool tone by selecting the area.

Would love to hear what you guys think of these presets and can not wait to see your pics using the #FVPresets hashtag!


Check out this video below to see the presets in action!