5 Tips for Better Lifestyle Photos

5 Tips for Better Lifestyle Photos

What makes a good lIfestyle photo? I believe it’s all about those moments that capture people in real life situations, in a natural, carefree, effortless and artistic way. This is something I always keep in mind when trying to capture a good lifestyle pic.

I’ve noticed lately that I have been leaning heavily on more lifestyle based photos. Even if I am shooting fashion, I find that lifestyle pics combined with fashion are much more interesting and engaging. Not to mention, just more natural looking! It wasn’t always so easy though, as learning to pose for photos is definitely something that comes with time and experience. Even still today, I feel I can look too posed and rigid if I’m only trying to focus on capturing the outfit. Lifestyle photography helps me feel more relaxed and helps us capture a good “in the moment” shot. I don’t have to worry so much about posing and how I look because the movements and props help me focus on storytelling instead. So today I am sharing 5 easy tips I have learned along the way (as both a photographer and blogger) to get great lifestyle photos.


5 Tips for Better Lifestyle Photos


1. It’s all in the detail.

Yup, the details definitely matter when shooting lifestyle photos. What book are you currently reading? What would you REALLY be doing at this moment? Try not to get to “posey” but instead gravitate towards what would actually be happening. If you are trying to promote a drink, you wouldn’t be sitting pretty holding the drink in a “proper” way with a fake posed smile, would you? You would probably be just hanging out relaxing with the drink casually in hand or even in the middle of drinking/enjoying it. Maybe curl up in a blanket too and have your pooch near you. All the details matter in storytelling.



Sometimes with lifestyle shots, it’s a good idea to really zoom in to show all the details and focus purely on the moment. This shot below was taken farther away but I love it cropped in like this. It looks more like a movie still in my opinion. Just like a real moment was captured (which it kind of was). The Photographer asked me to just play with the flowers so I picked them up one by one and this is what was captured.

3. The more photos the better

When I am shooting some lifestyle pics I make sure to have plenty of pics. I know that about 100 of them are going to be horrible and only a few will make the cut. Try different moments, different angles, different lighting. You never know what will look good until you try. Sometimes I really am not able to get a natural looking shot until closer to the end of the shoot when we finally find the right moment, angle and light. Et Voila! It all just falls into place.

4. Every moment counts

It’s really those in between random moments that I feel look the most candid and usually always the ones that come out the best. That’s why I like to shoot so many photos. When I have someone shooting photos of me, I make sure that shutter is clicking the whole time from the beginning to the end of a movement. If I’m twirling (for example) its the whole twirl (even the part where I stumble in the end). This way we are sure to get a really good nature in the moment shot.

5. Props are your friend

I love props because they give me something to do and make me feel more at ease in front of a camera and add to the storytelling of the photo. Remember this: EVERYTHING is a prop. If you are wearing special accessories, you can use them as a prop. Maybe pretend you are putting your earring on, swing your purse around, tie your shoe. If you have a coffee cup, use it! Drink it, sip it.. etc. Food is also always fun prop. It always adds a great story to your pics. I personally always gravitate towards coffee and flowers. If you want to get really creative, other fun props are picnic setups, balloons, beach balls, floaties, books, cameras, beauty products, even plants (like leaves). Have fun with it and stay creative!

Ok guys, I hope this was a fun little post for you and that it gave a bit of insight.

As always, thanks for stopping by! If you have more suggestions on how you like to shoot your lifestyle photos or questions please leave in comments below.

Much love to you!

xx F