Guide To San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Guide To San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Last year around this time I had the pleasure of heading to San Miguel de Allende for my childhood friends wedding. Of course, this was the perfect excuse for me to go back to this beautiful little town which I really love. It’s like no other place. Oldschool, full of culture, color, music, and beautiful picturesque backdrops. You know that just makes for the perfect vacation. I was looking back at my INSTAGRAM and realized that some of my most shared posts with the most love from my feed were from my trip to SMA, so why not share a blog post with those beautiful pics with a bit more details of where we stayed, where we ate, and what we did.


As soon as we got there we headed to Quince Rooftop to have a beautiful view of the church while we sipped on wine and ordered some food. The vibe here is very pleasant and the food was delicious! I don’t really remember if it was expensive or not but it was a memorable experience.  We were lucky enough to be here right before sunset to catch the perfect IG photo.


Other places to grab a bite or coffee:

Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar -Rosewood Hotel

Lavanda Cafe

Ki’bok Coffee SMA

Hecho en Mexico 

Mama Mia



This Airbnb was so adorable. It was a guest house inside someone else’s home but the hosts  (who crazily enough ended up being from my town in San Diego) made it feel so safe, secure and were the most welcoming ever. The room was tiny but adorable and just perfect for me and John to get some good sleep and feel relaxed. You won’t be spending much time in the Airbnb as there is so much to see! SMA center can get pretty loud. You often hear loud music, fireworks, and loud crowds so it was nice to be a ten-minute walk further up the hill away from the noise and in a calmer residence. Above you can see me sitting in front of their adorable front doorway. Below that is a photo of the neighborhood colors and buildings we saw on the walk to the town from the Airbnb. Here is the direct link to the exact Airbnb we stayed at. My only recommendation would be to bring your own pillow as I remember theirs not being the best.

Other places to stay:

Hotel Matilda

Casa Delphine

Rosewood San Miguel 



This one was super fun. I absolutely love riding (since I used to ride when I was a teenager) so of course, I got really excited for this.  I am not sure of the exact name of the tour as this was an activity the bride put together for her guests. It was fun to see the backside of SMA and be able to run through rivers and go down cliffs. I will say it was a bit long but maybe there are shorter ones out there! If you are into getting a bit adventurous you can check out this website that has horseback riding tours and see which one works best for you:

Rancho Xotolar

Leisurely Country Horseback Riding

Coyote Canyon Adventures

3 Senores

There is so much to see. Walking around exploring the city, sitting in the park squares, walking into random restaurants and trying the street food out is what it’s about. I loved wandering through the city (which is quite small). Don’t forget to check out the beautiful cathedral that is in the center of the town, the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel. It’s truly a beautiful site and I loved seeing it from all angles. This view at night when the lights go on is incredible.



 Mexico is so beautiful and I love being able to share these travels with you! Hope you liked the post!

xx Francesca