The New Frank Vinyl – Site Relaunch

The New Frank Vinyl – Site Relaunch

Ok ok, so I know this post is a bit late, but I’m still excited to share. I’m just going to pretend like this is SUPER NEW news because well, it’s still kind of new right? I’m so very excited because the new Frank Vinyl site has been live for a little over a month now! This blog has a whole new design and I would love to share more of it with you.  I have been working on a new FV design for a while now. I wanted to make my website super easy for you or even your mom (or your grandmother, aunt, step dad etc… ) to navigate.  Super simple, very clean and minimal.


I would love to walk you through the website so you can navigate easily through Frank Vinyl and get familiar with my site!


At the very top of the site you will see the navigation bar with my Logo on the far left and on the far right you will see the tabs “about”, “shop my outfits” and “categories” and “Frank Vinyl” which will take you to the home page always (see below).



Since I get a lot of questions on where to get my outfits that you see on my INSTAGRAM, I wanted to keep this page where you can easily shop my outfits directly from my blog. If you click on “shop my outfits” you will be lead to a page with my outfit photos. These have already been published on instagram or my page (which is where you can also easily shop my outfits). I have integrated my so you can shop my looks from here without having to go to their website.





Once you click on one of the photos, a separate page will open up with all the links to the pieces which you can shop by just clicking on the photo of the item you like. If you click on one of the images off to the right of my photo, it will take you to their website so you can shop from the site. Full disclosure: I do make commission from the sales! It varies from retailer to retailer, but this is an easy way for you to shop my outfits and at the same time support Frank Vinyl!





If you click on “Categories” you will see a drop-down menu of different Categories being: Style, Video, Travel and Blogging Tips.  “STYLE”  is where you can find all my styling tips, outfit posts and Instagram outfit roundups. Under “VIDEO”  you will find all my Youtube videos. “TRAVEL” is where you can find all my travel guides, what I wore while traveling, packing tips and more. One of my favorite sections! In the ‘Blogging Tip’s’ section you will find lots of tips and tricks. Here I share all the knowledge I have with you guys about blogging, photography and social media. From growing your instagram to knowing what camera lenses to buy. If you are new to blogging or trying to grow your social media presence,  definitely check out this section!.

Clicking on either one of these categories will lead you to a separate page with only posts from that category. It will look like this:




By simply hovering over an image you will see the title pop up!





At the very top of the site (under the NAV bar) you will see my home page with a slide of the newest blog posts!

I’m sure you already familiar with this but just in case, you can easily click on the left or right arrow on either side of the post to swipe through the most recent posts.





Underneath the main home page image, you can scroll down to see all my most recent posts and more by just scrolling and clicking “see more” at the bottom of that section. Next to each post, you will see shoppable links of the clothing of the items from that post. This way you can directly shop the outfits from the home page without even having to go into the link to  read the post.




I often get asked where to buy my presets. While I still do not have presets for RAW professional photos taken on a DSLR, I do have some easy ones you can use with your iphone photos and edit via lightroom mobile. Clicking here will take you to my website where you can learn more and buy the presets.



At the bottom of the home page, underneath all my most recent post and under preset section, you will see all my most recent Youtube Videos. Here you can watch the video directly from my site by just clicking on the one you want to watch. You can also click “watch more videos ” to get directed to my YouTube channel.




At the very bottom of the home page, you will find my Newsletter sign up form and my recent photos from IG!


I really hope you guys love this new site and I hope you come back often. Please let me know if you have any feedback, suggestions or something you would love to see on my site!

Thanks for stopping !

xx Francesca