Bedroom Tour – Mid Century Modern Decor

Bedroom Tour – Mid Century Modern Decor

I can’t believe I finally have a space that I was able to decorate exactly to my liking. It took us about a year to complete the bedroom. We had to take out the carpet, put in some tile floors, painted the walls and figure out tiny little design details. When John and I first moved in together we clashed when it came to our tastes in decor. He loved Japanese pieces and pops of red everywhere. Not to mention his whole house was gray and dark blue. A very obvious bachelor pad lol. I at the time, was in love with shabby chic meets Parisian flat vibe. Our tastes definitely clashed! Over time we have come to blend our tastes and realized that we were both huge fans of the mid-century ‘”jungalow style” vibe. A mix of 70s desert house mixed with touches of boho and plants in every corner. The perfect blend for his and her tastes. I gathered a lot of inspiration¬† from etsy, pinterest (See my boards here), instagram and have been pinning ideas for YEARS. It’s fun to see how everything came together. We’re so happy with how our house looks and feels. It’s our little oasis!

About a year ago I shared our downstairs kitchen and living room situation here. Now, I’m so happy to finally share some photos of the finished bedroom with you guys. We have a big mix of awesome pieces we found from Etsy to Urban Outfitters.¬† It’s always fun to have you guys come visit (Even if it is only through a screen). Welcome to our happy place!

If you are more a visual person, I also did a walk through tour on YouTube! I walk you through our bedroom, talk about every piece and where it’s from! Check it out below:



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