What to Wear for Every Type of Summer Wedding

What to Wear for Every Type of Summer Wedding

This year has definitely been popular for engagements and weddings and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. It’s a super exciting time to witness your close friends and family tie the knot, but it can also be stressful when it comes to figuring out what to wear. There are a ton of things you have to take into consideration like dress code, the season, the weather, the venue, and the crowd. The men definitely have it way easier! Don’t you worry though because I secretly LOVE picking out wedding guest dresses, so no matter what type of wedding you’re going to, I’ve put together a guide to help you find the perfect dress for the occasion! So here’s my roundup of what to wear for every type of summer wedding:



If you’re going to a big wedding, chances are it will be black-tie. A lot of the weddings I’ve been to are black tie or black tie optional/formal, but I’ve noticed this doesn’t make much of a difference for the ladies. Stick to a fancy, floor-length gown or a sleek midi to ankle-length dress. I usually go for a solid color because it gives off a dressier vibe and it’s easier to re-wear the dress to another event!



When you think “beach wedding”, you probably think barefoot and casual. Yet, in reality, a lot of weddings still having a formal dress code. Of course, formal on a beach setting is completely different than formal at a sleek city venue or country club ballroom. For a formal beach wedding, an elegant midi dress or colorful, flowy maxi dress are great options.



Just because the invitation says casual and it’s by the beach doesn’t mean you should be that wedding guest that shows up in jean shorts and a crop top or look like you just walked in from the beach (obvi). You should probably still dress up because after all, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. Cocktail attire is the most similar to this kind of wedding attire. A midi dress is a great option, you could also get away with a dressier two-piece set or (my fave) a beachy jumpsuit for something a little more unique. The best part about shopping for this dress/jumpsuit is that you can easily wear it again. Pair any of these cute dresses with some sneakers and you can easily take it from beach to brunch.



AKA the daytime wedding. The garden wedding is more common in Europe, but if you are attending a local wedding, this is essentially a guide of what to wear to a wedding during the day. These kinds of weddings are becoming more and more popular and I know people are wondering “what on earth do I wear to an outdoor wedding at 2 pm”? My wedding guest dress inspo for a garden party is LoveShackFancy/Zimmermann. Both brands make the prettiest, girly, floral and lace dresses that are perfect for a daytime wedding. But don’t worry, I found a ton of more affordable options that fit this vibe!



Destination weddings are probably my favorite kind of wedding. John and I like to take advantage of any destination weddings we attend by adding an extra day or two so we have some free time to explore the city! Some of my favorite places I’ve been to for destination weddings are Antigua and San Miguel de Allende. There’s just something way more exciting about seeing one of your friends or family members tie the knot in another country! When it comes to dressing for a destination wedding, I always think about the dress code, what the city looks like, what mood is like and the color palette. I always love a bright dress for a summer destination wedding!


thanks for reading!

xx Francesca