Instagram Worthy Spots in Palm Springs

Instagram Worthy Spots in Palm Springs

I was recently invited to stay in the greater Palm Springs area with Miramonte Indian Wells Resort and Spa and it was such a great, relaxing time. Honestly, any time I’m am in PS it’s nice, even if it is 110 degrees! We spent half of the days just laying out by their relaxing pool, sipping on drinks, listening to the chill music and the other half exploring Palm Springs. I took advantage of the fact that I was on a mini-vacay and shot as much content as I could while still managing to have plenty of relaxing time. I even got this post on the best Instagram Spots in Palm Springs (keep reading). We haven’t been able to travel due to my husband’s injured knee and this was a much needed little getaway for both of us!

While we were in the desert exploring around, I realized that there are endless places to shoot pics in this area. Honestly can’t believe I haven’t done an Instagram worthy post on Palm Springs before! I rounded up some of my favorite spots that are easy and fun. If you are heading there in the future or plan to go someday keep on scrolling.

Here are some of the most Instagram worthy spots in Palm Springs:

Blue Door

This door makes you feel like you flew to Morrocco for a hot second. All the blues and beautiful texture make this spot at the top of my Instagram Worthy Palm Springs list. Also, it’s so easy to get to! It always makes for an amazing backdrop.

Address: Next door to Hotel California right on Palm Canyon Drive. You can see it from the street!

Pink Cabana – Sands Hotel

This place is so Millenial it hurts, but in the best way possible. Stop by to get a bit of tropical interior paradise with tiled floors, palm tree wallpaper, and pink sofas galore. They don’t like professional cameras so try and stick to iPhone photos and grab a drink or some food while you are there!

address: Sands Hotel & Spa 44-985 Province Way Indian Wells, CA 92210


As you drive into Palm Springs you will pass by all the windmills. It’s hard to not want to stop and take a picture with them in the background. Something to note: it’s almost always windy here!

That Pink Door

Based on the fact that this is a private residence I’m not going to put the address. If you do happen to find it though, make sure to be respectful of the neighbors and homeowners as it’s in a residential area. Maybe even stay on the sidewalk further away from the house (and be less of a jerk than I was years back when we shot these). The cute architecture and pink door are hard to pass up. Honestly, these pics do not do this cute house justice.

Moorten Botanical garden

Cactus Lady heaven! This place is amazing. I would suggest going when it’s not SUPER hot though as the “Cactarium” is basically a sauna. They have a great assortment of different rare cacti to look at and you can also shop succulents. If you love plants, this place is a must.

Address1701 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264


Dinosaurs  Cabazon

I couldn’t find a photo of me from here (although I know there is one SOMEWHERE) so here is a picture I found off google. A must stop by on your road trip to or from Palm Springs. It’s just a fun attraction off the side of the road! You don’t need much time here. All you need is just enough to snap a few fun photos next to the large dinosaurs.

Address50770 Seminole Dr, Cabazon, CA 92230

Azucar – Serena Villas

This restaurant is inside a private boutique hotel, but you can go visit if you have a bite or a drink. Love the Mexican decor, colorful walls, and yummy drinks! We snapped this pic with the iPhone so we wouldn’t bother the guests too much.

Address: 339 South Belardo Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262


A few more spots you may like:

  • Saguaro (cute hotel with all the colors and Instagram worthy pool! They also have a restaurant called El jefe that is dark and moody and great for a cocktail.
  • Ace Hotel (this place is the cutest. They have a diner which is such a good stop on a road trip and the famous “ACE” sign.
  • Hotel California – quick but cute photo opp in front of the big block letters on the side of the hotel
  • Korakia Pensione (you need to stay here to shoot there) What bohemian dreams are made of! seriously, Google it if you aren’t familiar.
  • Salvation Mountain– a MUST SEE at least once in your life. It’s on the road back from PS driving past the Salton Sea. There is nothing else in the world like it.

You can see a few more of my Instagram worthy posts here and here.  If you have any other suggestions that should make this Instagram Worthy list please drop them in the comments below.

Hope you liked the post and thanks (as always) for stopping by!

xx Francesca



Post in Collaboration with Miramonte Indian Wells Resort and Spa