The Ultimate NYFW Survival Checklist

The Ultimate NYFW Survival Checklist

It’s that time of year again! I’m off to NYC tomorrow for New York Fashion Week. As I write this, I’m getting some last-minute things done for NYFW. As I was checking off the list of things I absolutely need, I decided to multi-task and put this little post together for anyone that may need something to reference. If you are a first-timer for New York Fashion Week, you definitely want to keep reading this NYFW Survival Checklist to make sure you packed everything you need! Heres what I’m definitely taking and what you should 100% consider so you can take on New York Fashion Week like a pro!


Probably the most important thing in this NYFW Survival Checklist is a portable charger. NYFW is the craziest time and you are mostly using your phone 24/7. From shooting Instagram footage to googling locations, calling Ubers and taking pics. Trust me, your phone will die way faster than normal. This one from Amazon is a great one!


You can’t do NYFW without the proper equipment. If you hire a photographer to shoot your street style pics, then you obviously don’t need to worry about this. If you are on your own and want to capture all the action, your outfits and touristy shots make sure you are always strapped with your  Camera, extra memory cards, extra batteries. Check out what equipment I use, see this post here. 


A  travel steamer is an absolute must for Fashion Week. Whether you’re getting content on your own, attending any shows or simply walking around all the New York action, you want to make sure your outfit is photo-ready. A lot of hotels only have irons or you have to send your clothes to be pressed for an extra charge, so for me, it’s way easier and more practical to bring my own travel steamer! You def don’t want to have to do any extra work and take longer than you need to when you need that dress or outfit wrinkle-free! I have this one and love it because it gets the job done and doesn’t weigh too much.


It’s no secret,  but NYFW- goers are always on the go! Between meetings, photoshoots, shows, and dinners,  we sometimes have little to no time before having to head out to the next thing. Dry shampoo is CRUCIAL to give that perfect blow out the much needed extended life.  I swear by this dry shampoo for giving my hair a refresh, making it smell clean and adding volume! Give that perfect blow out the right amount of lift and volume on day 2 and 3.


If I start to feel or see a pimple coming on, I immediately put on a pimple patch. When all that stress starts to show up on your face, you’ll have these to give you peace of mind and keep you are still photo shoot ready! These are great.


Every “It girl” travels with her eye patches! Chances are you’ll be jet-lagged from traveling to NY or be extra tired from a long day of events from the day before. Either way, your under eyes will be so thankful you brought along eye patches. Throw them on to look perfectly rested and ready to go.


If you have been to NYC before then you know that you need comfortable shoes to walk around! Don’t let those photos of glamorous bloggers walking around in heels fool you! They may have Ubers that drop them right off everywhere they go (so they don’t really walk a lot in those) or simply switch out their shoes (a la french girl) before getting in front of all the photographers. Comfy walking shoes are a MUST!! My go-to’s are white sneakers that go well with everything like these.


Sometimes you really don’t have time to even grab a bite! You’re here, there and everywhere except for going to a place to grab some food! I am hungry 24/7 so packing snacks in my bag is essential. I love Kiind bars because they are filled with energizing healthy goodness that help me survive until I can actually grab a meal.


This sounds so “old lady” but I travel with a lot of different “pills” to keep me feeling 100%. The last thing you want is to have to go out of your way to go buy some medicine or pills to make your travel stomach bloat feel better. Heres a few of the things I travel with: Gas X (airplanes naturally bloat you because of the altitude! Gas X helps the travel belly). Activated Charcoal (this stuff is the best! If your stomach feels gross from something you ate or drank then take two of these to help settle it. IB PRofin (I tend to get headaches or really bad cramps if I’m on my period so I never leave home without this!).  Fiber Pills (to help you go to the bathroom regularly!) Travelling can throw your whole vibe off, so I take one every night before I go to sleep to keep my body in check and regulated. C’mon, don’t act like you don’t need this when you travel!


Hope this is helpful and don’t forget to bookmark this post so you can check back next season when you need your NYFW Survival Checklist.

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xx Francesca