Every Fall Trend You Need to Know

Every Fall Trend You Need to Know

Now that it’s finally starting to feel more like fall and less like summer in California, I’m finally getting in the fall mood. Yup, that means bringing out the sweaters, filling my home with candles and buying all the pumpkin snacks! What I’m actually most excited about though, is the fashion. Fall is probably my favorite season when it comes to trends because I love any excuse to wear something cozy and have fun with light layering. Here are all the trends I can’t wait to wear this season and all the fall trends you need to know.


Bring on the denim, fringe, cowboy-inspired boots, rancher hats and cow print because the Western trend is here. This trend is all about bringing subtle Western influence into your wardrobe, so don’t go busting out your Halloween costume. An easy way to try this trend? A pair of Western boots you can wear with all your favorite fall dresses and cropped denim or a fun cow print purse.


I’m a lover of all things 90’s so I’m definitely excited the 90’s fit denim is trending right now. Everyone from Bella Hadid to Victoria Beckham has been wearing this loose-fit denim, so you know it’s an A-list-approved trend. One of the most popular pairs is the Agolde 90s high rise, but you can also find some really good ones under $100 at Urban Outfitters.


Knee boots are everywhere right now. Every fashion girl is obsessed and thanks to affordable brands like Aldo and Sam Edelman, we can all get this super luxe-looking boot trend without spending a ton. I love the way these boots look with skinny fit jeans or a fall texture skirt like faux leather or suede!


One trend I’ve been seeing non-stop is the leather top trend. If you pretty much never take off your leather jacket in the fall (guilty!), this is the trend you should try. There are tons of different ways to wear leather on top, from bodysuits to button-downs to leather blazers. I love the way a leather blazer looks with jeans, but I think a leather button-down with leather pants could also look super cool and edgy.


A blazer will forever be a closet staple, so buying a new one is always a good investment. This fall’s all about the cinched suit, meaning a blazer that has some sort of belt or tie. You can easily belt one of the blazers you already own to achieve this cinched look, but there’s something extra cool about a blazer with a matching belt. If cinching a blazer isn’t your thing, another great idea is cinching an oversized sweater or loose blouse!


If you’re like me, you’ve probably collected sweaters over the years and have one too many plain ones. Since we’ve all got the basic sweaters down, it’s time to add some fun ones to your rotation for fall. Think bold colors you don’t own yet like turquoise and pink, embellishments like pearls and bobbles and not your typical animal prints! On the ‘sweater weather” note, make sure to check out my latest post all about the top Fall sweaters to invest in here.


Maybe it’s the Carrie Bradshaw in me, but I’ve always been into pleated skirts. I’m excited this trend is big for fall because I have my eye on a few pretty new pleated skirts. I love contrasting the girliness of the pleated skirt with some tomboyish combat boots or sneakers. See all my current favs below!


Happy Fall! Hope you liked this post!