How to Support the Black Community

How to Support the Black Community

Photo provided by Eric Casas (IG @Ericdcasas)

It’s been a very heavy week for everyone, but especially for the Black Community. I normally don’t share controversial topics on here, but I think its more important than ever to speak up. While the whole world has been fighting the war against COVID since the beginning of 2020, the Black Community has been fighting the war on racism for years, not just this week. I’m sure you, just like I am, filled with so many emotions right now and I just want to share a few resources in case you are looking for ways to help and make a change. I realize we all come from different backgrounds and thoughts and some people know more about this than others. We are all on different paths and it’s ok to start learning now. We as humans are always improving, always evolving, and should never stop trying to better the world. I’m sharing actionable steps you can take to help in your own communities plus resources so you can better educate yourselves on how

to Support the Black Community (if you feel you need it).

1. Sign petitions.

Signing petitions help show the person in charge that this is important to you. If you don’t know where to start you can take a look here where there are plenty of active petitions you can sign.


A few I’ve signed today: 

Justice For Breonna Taylor:

National Action Against Police Brutality:

Hands Up Act:

2. Make donations

Money is definitely tight for everyone right now, but if you have a bit to spare, making a donation is a great way to help! Here is a list of places you can donate to and below I’ll share a few more organizations! If you don’t have money right now, this Youtube video is donating all its ad revenue to support BLM. All you have to do is watch. Click here.


Loveland Foundation is the official continuation of this effort to bring opportunity and healing to communities of color, and especially to Black women and girls.

Campaign Zero is dedicated to police reform and works with a 10-point plan aimed at reducing violence.

The NAACP’s Legal Defense and Educational Fund uses litigation, advocacy, and public education to work towards racial justice and equality for all Americans.

Communities United Against Police Brutality operates a 24-hour hotline in Minneapolis for people to report instances of abuse in their area. CUAPB also provides educational programs to teach communities about the detriments of police brutality and justice system issues.

The Committee to Protect Journalists is a lifeline for members of the media to continue pursuing their important reporting at a time when the freedom of the press is under siege.

3. Use your voice.

If you have a platform (even if it’s less than 10k on IG), use it! You have a place where you can speak and people that will listen. What’s the point of “influencing” if you aren’t using it in times like this?  Use your platform to spread important information and repost anything you think is valuable from voices in the #BlackLivesMatter community. If you don’t have a following then use your voice to talk to your friends, your family members, and your community. Even if it’s just your private Facebook page, use it! We need all hands on deck to make a change.

4. Support Black-owned businesses and creators

Every little bit of support helps and supporting black-owned businesses, creators, restaurants, and music is a great way to help the community! Head to this post to see a list of amazing black-owned brands to swoon over. If you don’t have money to shop from these brands then even giving them a follow and like via social and sharing their accounts is helpful! If you’re thinking of ordering from a restaurant, try ordering take out from one of the black-owned restaurants in your neighborhood next time you eat out. Don’t forget to leave them a good review if you liked it!

5. Educate yourself. Books/Movies.

Not being racist isn’t enough. We need to be ANTI- Racist and it all starts with education. If we can educate ourselves then we can help educate others. There are so many people who aren’t fully educated on this topic and choose to ignore it because maybe it doesn’t affect them. Let’s try and change that as much as we can. I found this great resource on the web if you want to check that out. Here is a list of books and movies for anyone that wants to learn more:




American Son

When They See Us

The Hate you give

Time: The Kalief Browder Story

Who Killed Malcolm X?

Explained: The Racial Wealth Gap.



So You Want to Talk About Race?

White Rage

How to Be an Anti-Racist

White Fragility

Me and White Supremacy.


Below are a few graphics I recently shared via IG that you can easily share via your socials to help spread awareness.

I hope this guide helps! Remember that in order for us to really have lasting change we need to spread this information and always be working towards the goal. Not just this week but always. This is a Marathon, not a sprint.

Much Love,