Inspiring Black owned brands to swoon over

Inspiring Black owned brands to swoon over

I’m honestly embarrassed to say that I don’t follow enough black-owned businesses and I want to change that. As I was doing research and searching around the internet, I found so much inspiration! I really believe that almost all the best things stem from black culture. Music, Art, and of course fashion. That being said, I am not surprised at all that I found so many incredible brands that blew my mind. I know I will be a long time fan and can’t wait to further my education in the black fashion world. Keep on reading for my list of Black-owned brands to support. SO MUCH BEAUTY!

Brother Vellies

How chic are these pieces? Brother Veillies is a beautiful brand selling handmade artisanal footwear and handbags from South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Morocco. Such beautiful pieces worth the splurge. Head to their Instagram for some aesthetic af eye candy. SHOP HERE

Third Crown

OH my gosh are these pieces gorge! I’ve always been a fan of jewelry that can be worn by anyone. Husband-and-wife team Kofi and Kristin Essel codesign these gender-neutral, architectural pieces. This brand is already celebrity-approved (Beyonce has been seen sporting). There are too many great pieces to choose from but a big fan of this one hereSHOP HERE


Ethical, Handmade, sustainable… all the good stuff. Elexiay is a fashion brand that highlights Nigerian craftsmanship and focuses on crochet pieces. This beautiful brand helps create local jobs and supports female empowerment. So happy I found this brand. I fell in love with so many pieces, but this one here is stunning! SHOP HERE.  

Marena Beaute

If you are a cruelty-free beauty fan, this brand focuses on cruelty-free products for women of color. It was founded by the black makeup artist Diarry Marena. Every single product was developed to meet the needs of women with darker complexions.



You know I love me some hats. I can’t believe I had never known of this brand until I googled and saw OPRAH repping this brand and I am blown away! These are fab and so well made. Monrowe is a unisex line of ready-to-wear hats, made in the USA inspired by the man himself who was a free-spirited jazz musician from the American south who played sax in speakeasies. His granddaughter wanted to make a line inspired by his aesthetic yet channeled into crowns for the modern (wo)man.  What a cool story and vision. SHOP HERE!


This brand has beautiful jewelry (hello gorgeous hoops), but also nice minimalist pieces with an edge. Just check out their beautifully curated IG and you’ll fall in love with their aesthetic. SHOP HERE. 


This beauty brand has collagen-infused lip masks, scrubs, and eye balms. I don’t know about you, but now I’m dying to try them out *adds to cart*. This brand is already retailed at Sephora, Netaporter, Revolve beauty, and more so you know it’s def gonna be good.  SHOP HERE. 


Vavvoune is a NYC brand created by self-taught designer/artisan Valerie Blaise.  Her pieces are all beautifully crafted keeping functionality in mind with passionate wearable leather accessories. These shapes, colors, and designs are exactly the vibe I look for when shopping for a statement handbag. Truly a classic.  SHOP HERE. 


Small Needs, Also Known As Retro Rhapsody via Etsy, has a beautifully curated vintage selection. I’m particularly keen on the Corset bra tops and the beautiful vintage gold earrings. Keep your eye on this shop. One of a kind gems are dropped here. SHOP HERE. 


This brand has clean and minimal designs with clean structural silhouettes. It’s truly the epitome of chic. This brand is more on the expensive side, but so good for a special occasion or wedding. There is def a reason this designer has been worn by the likes of Michelle Obama and Beyonce themselves. SHOP HERE


This brand focuses on the reconstruction of clothing (you know I love a good sustainable brand!). Super unique and edgy. Their face masks are so good. I’m shopping and looking at their masks now as I write this post. I absolutely love this butterfly one! SHOP HERE. 

She The Collection

This brand is designed by the blogger Carmen Alexandra who came to find her signature style after doing an accidental cut during a DIY project of a skirt. After all the positive feedback she decided to create a collection. Now her brand has clothing, swimwear, and other accessories. Her pieces are super fashion-forward (like this velvet loungewear set…*drool* ).  SHOP HERE. 

Nude Barre

As a woman of color, I can definitely say it can be hard to find the right tight color. The tights industry tends to lean towards only certain colors. Nude Bare saw this missing link and filled it making sure they would have tights of all colors and ranges for all skin shades and colors out there. I had to share this gem of a brand with you guys! So necessary. SHOP HERE. 


Lemlem is an artisan-driven collection of women’s, men’s, children’s and home goods made entirely in Africa. This brand was founded by the gorgeous supermodel  Liya Kebede. The core collection is handwoven from natural cotton in Ethiopia. This brand is so great for summer with all its airy vacation-ready pieces. While some of these do cost a pretty penny, I could totally see myself wearing one of these dresses just around the house on a hot summer day. SHOP HERE. 


Castamira is a luxury swimwear brand that focuses on the curves of the woman and the sensuality of the body. I haven’t tried these in person but by the looks of them, they seem beautifully constructed and like they would be super flattering. It was created by the model Chante Davis. “After struggling to find high-quality options to comfortably enhance her own curves, she became fascinated with designing body contouring swimwear that would accentuate women’s most alluring features.” SHOP HERE.


I hope you guys found some new amazing brands you will love now and forever!

If you have more suggestions leave below or shoot me a DM on Instagram. 

xx Francesca