Fall Photoshoot ideas!

Fall Photoshoot ideas!

I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween already, but there is still time for some fun October content and definitely plenty of time in November ! Here’s a quick roundup of ideas you can use to gather some fun Fall Content for the next month!

 Pumpkin Patch + Corn Maze. I know this is an obvious choice!!! Pumpkin patch shots are fun for many reasons. It’s tradition, you get to celebrate the change of season and spend some time outdoors with your family or friends. Get creative with your shots! Get low, get high, jump in a wheel barrel, throw a pumpkin in the air for some movement, or use a super wide angle lens to make it more interesting using fun angles or just take some iphone pics!

Leaves: Nothing says fall more than pretty colorful leaves so use those to your advantage! If you see a street full of leaves go shoot and use them for texture and color! You can throw the leaves up in the air and capture the motion. You can find a super large leaf and cut out a bit of the center then shoot through the leaf to your object (most likely you). So many ways to make this work. Have fun with it!

Camping: You don’t actually have to camp for this one, but doing so is just so much funner! If you don’t want to actually go camping, but want a roadtrip-esque photo with a pretty view, then you can take your car for a joy ride and use it for a photo! Pull off on a pretty view and set up with a warm cozy blanket and snack in the back of the car and shoot the view. This always makes for a gorge photo.

Bonfire or beach side picnic: I love a good fall picnic! You can set up under a warm blanket an hour or two before sunset and then enjoy and shoot some photos. Make sure to shoot during that sunset to get the best golden Fall glow. I love getting crazy with some fun pillows, blankets and all the best snacks or a cheese plate.

Go into nature: Get out your cozy knits and coats and shoot some fun shots in the woods or forest. We have to drive a bit to find this kind of Fall vibe near San Diego, but it’s always so worth it!  This one above was in Yosemite. I miss this place!!! Show off the backdrop and let nature do the talking for these photos.

Play with the rain: If it starts raining get cozy, rain proof (or not) and head out to shoot!!! These are always the funnest times. Jump in puddles, get that rain dropping in slow motion or use the puddle reflections for some interesting pics. Make sure to cover your camera with plastic or a protective case. Pro tip: take an umbrella and use it as a fun prop!

Cozy up with your favorite drink: There’s something about seeing someone else getting cozy at home or in bed with their favorite hot beverage. So relatable and I think it’s safe to say that everyone wishes they could be there doing just that. It’s always a winning shot. Next time you are enjoying and sipping away, grab your camera and document the moment. Showing the environment like having a cozy blankets nearby or showing off the cozy space always helps!

Happy creating! xx Francesca