Trends I’m Loving Right Now

Trends I’m Loving Right Now

I try to put a focus on keeping my wardrobe classic and filled with pieces that I know I’ll reach for over and over again. A lot of people think that means shopping for trends is off the table, but I think there are meaningful ways you can enjoy trends and bring them into your closet while still being intentional. For example, I like to shop trends that I personally think fit my style really well and that I see as having some longevity (meaning I’ll still want to wear whatever I just bought a few months from now and beyond). Keeping this in mind, I’ve rounded up a handful of trends that I’m really into that I see myself loving for years to come!



Shackets (a.k.a. shirt/jackets) have probably been this fall’s biggest hit and I’m into it. Who doesn’t love a cozy oversized jacket? I’m especially into the plaid options because that’s another trend I’m really digging with right now, but I found a little bit of everything.

Cloud Bags

This trend has been around for a little while now, which is definitely a sign to me that it might be here to stay. Such an easy accessory to incorporate into any style too, so if you’ve been eyeing these bags, I say go for it! If it makes you feel happy then I’m sure it’ll keep on sparking joy for years to come. I myself have a cloud like bag that I have used and love for years already.  I don’t see myself ever getting sick of it. Here are a few options:

Chunky Loafers

Chunky shoes in general (like combat boots) are having such a moment right now, which is right up my alley. I really love the chunky loafer look though because I think it’s one of those “classic” trends that you can style several different ways. You can wear them with jeans, dress them up with a skirt or even trousers and you can wear them year round! Plus, the 90s are definitely back and this is a great way to shop that trend.


If you’re a plaid girl, you’ll be so happy to see the items I rounded up. From skirts to blazers/jackets and even pants, which would look so good with a pair of chunky loafers. You’ll for sure be seeing me wearing this trend all winter.

Cozy Coats/Jackets

Sherpa and shearling are everything! They honestly make me wish I lived somewhere cold so I could wear one every day. I found a few lighter options so if you do live in SoCal or the south you could still throw one of these pieces on before you leave the house. Just add more layers obvi if you are somewhere colder!


What says winter and the holidays more than velvet? Velvet ALWAYS comes back every winter season. I love the idea of adding in a velvet detail right now like a headband or a camisole. Also crushing on velvet blazers, which really give me holiday vibes.

Oversized Hoodies

This one is kind of a throwback to my loungewear trends post from back in September because I just can’t quit oversized hoodies. I’ll sleep in them, wear one with jean shorts or throw one on with biker shorts (another trend from my September post). Plus with all the extra time being spent at home right now, oversized hoodies are the perfect thing to cozy up in.

Pleated Skirt

LOVE LOVE this trend. There are so many adorable ones out there and cute ways to style this trend. If you are in colder places, wearing some thick tights and warm boots will definitely help. Love this look with a big oversized jacket as well for a bit of coziness. You can go super preppy or even gunge with it. It’s all in how you wear it.

A few Eco Friendly options

If you are looking for more sustainable options you know I always try to help! Here’s a few picks that I found of the trends I am loving at the moment.


I hope you find something you love! What trends are you shopping right now?

xx Francesca