My Roller Skating Starter Pack

My Roller Skating Starter Pack

I’m  so thrilled by the number of people that write me daily asking about rollerskating! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to be able to share this passion I have with you guys. It makes me even happier to be able to incorporate it into my blog and share all this information with you. For those of you that are interested in skating or just got roller skates, here is my skating starter pack. I’m sharing everything you need to get started that you didn’t know you needed and extras that you don’t really need, but probably will want to get anyway. Scroll down to read!

Toe Guards. Some people think toe guards are ugly. Others love them. I of course love anything that helps me accessorize and especially anything that will keep my skates newer for longer. Without these you will definitely scuff up the front of your boot. Especially as a beginner. There are so many different types out there. I love that you can really add your own personality to your skates with these! I get mine custom made by my friend April (find her IG here) and you can also find a bunch on Etsy!

Skate Tool. A lot of skaters roll around with these in their bags just in case. It’s great so you can loosen up trucks or tighten up wheels. Some skates even come with a skate tool in the box it comes in so that you can set your trucks to your liking the moment you get your skates. You will also need tools to remove your wheels so the you can clean them or change them. I have this and something like this. 

Bearing Cleaner. If you are skating regularly you definitely want to keep your bearings clean. It helps your wheels spin the way they should be spinning and helps them last you longer. I would recommend every 3 months, but it honestly depends on how often you skate and where you skate. I know skaters that don’t even do it ever, but they are crazy if you ask me. I like to make sure my investments last me as long as possible. You can find a bunch of videos on youtube on how to clean your bearings! You will most likely need pure acetone (again.. check on youtube) and  you want to get is this and this. You may also want a Bearing Pull which will make the process a lot easier! Its out of stock atm but if you see it anywhere definitely get it!

Socks.  You can really use any socks but having the right socks with the right padding makes a difference. I love to match my socks to my outfits or skates.  My favorite ones are these retro looking ones that are also super comfortable  from skatersocks usa. You can get them at different heights and colors which I love.

Skate Leash or Skate Bag. It depends how much you carry around with you and how far you are going. If you are a skate park girl you will probably want a skate bag to carry your pads, extra toe stops, tools, helmet and skates. If you just need to carry your skates around short distances then you need a skate leash! It will make carrying around your skates so much easier. Plus… more accessories, YAY! Etsy has a bunch.

Protective Gear. I see so many new skaters without any protective gear on. BIG NO. I have friends that have been skating for a while who have broken bones from the slightest falls. Make sure to wear your gear, especially if you are brand new. Wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads and if you are goin to the skate park, definitely a helmet!

A Belt Bag (aka, fanny pack). I personally prefer a fanny pack when I’m trying tricks like spinning around or dancing because it doesn’t throw off my center of gravity. If you are just cruising then backpacks are great. I LOVE this one. Below are a few other cute options.

If you want to buy from a local San Diego store, check out Fritzy’s Roller Skate shop online or in store! They carry  a bunch of different brands and may have what you are looking for.