5 Spring Staples Every Girl should have

5 Spring Staples Every Girl should have

The Jumpsuit / Coverall

I’ve worn this one you see above so many times already!! A Jumpsuit is the perfect easy outfit you can just throw on and not have to think about at all. It’s comfortable, stylish, effortless, a bit tomboy and perfect for Spring weather. I personally love this denim one I’m wearing above because I can take it from every day life to my roller skating life as well. I love it so much I have it in two colors.

Straight Leg Denim

I know I have mentioned baggy jeans and straight leg jeans over and over again but I can’t stress enough how much these are worth it in 2021. They look good with everything. For some styling inspiration, check out my post I did on

how to style baggy jeans here.

Romantic Dresses

Romantic Dresses are as obvious as florals for Spring, but this season they are coming in even girlier and I’m loving it. Think big puffy sleeves, corset detailing, lace and and anything that may slightly remind you of Bridgerton,  but blended with simpler cottgecore vibes.

Flatform shoes

As a girl that is 5’4″ and wishes she could be at least 5’7″, I always throw on as much height as I can get. Lately (I blame the pandemic) I have no interest in throwing on heels and I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way. It’s all about staying comfortable this year. Flatform shoes reminiscent of 90’s fashion are so in right now and def the answer to all us girls who prefer comfort above all else.

Cutout bodysuit

This is such a sexy trend! Loving all the cutout details we are seeing everywhere from cutout dresses, to cutout pants. However, the cutout tops will give you the most bang for your buck, because they are so much easier to wear and can work for everyone. This look is super chic yet edgy at the same time.