Creative Ideas for Summer Content on Instagram

Creative Ideas for Summer Content on Instagram

If you’re feeling in a bit of a creative summer rut, this post is definitely for you! I put this post together to help inspire any future shoots you have for your summer content. Scroll down for a few ideas to get you started!


If you don’t want to go outside or can’t find a cute background you can create your own little jungle oasis in your home by gathering all your plant babies in one spot surrounding you and using a clean backdrop.  I shot these photos in my office. See behind the scenes video here.


 An easy way to elevate a poolside shot is to get that reflection! Get close to the water and see what you can get from the other side of the pool. We shot this one above while it was nice and shady and no wind to cause any ripples in the water. The key is to have colors that stand out from the pool and to try fun angles.


I love a good picnic! Picnic photos always come out cute and fresh no matter what and you get to also enjoy a good sunset and food while there! I love to take all the cute picnic essentials like a good book, magazine, flowers, picnic basket and pillows to keep it extra cozy.


Outdoor shower shots are the epitome of a hot perfect weather kind of day.  If you are using a professional camera,  you may want to get that shutter speed way up so you can capture every single shower drop!


This is a photo idea I think everyone loves to see! Who wouldn’t want to be in this moment? If you have a good car for this, a good van or SUV, then fill the backseat with cozy blankets, pillows and some sort of lifestyle prop like food or drinks to set the mood. Drive to a pretty view , open that trunk and shoot from inside the car facing the view. If you don’t want to drive anywhere you can also fake it and just photoshop in a background like I did once here (I was actually facing a construction zone lol).


I think this one is always fun! You can have fun with the way you spray the water, sponges, buckets filled with water, so much. Don’t be scared to get wet for this one and have fun!


Grab one of your favorite salt water friendly chairs and take some photos lounging/sitting on the shore of the ocean. You can have fun with your poses and angles. Wait for the small (or big if you want to risk it) waves to come rolling into your photo frame and snap!


This is so simple and so fun! You don’t even really have to do much here except have a cute floatie in the shot. Floaties make the funnest props!  Pick a floatie you love, take it to the pool, in your backyard, or to the beach and just have fun with it. Have fun with the angles, the way you hold it, the perspective, and shoot away!


Love a good “walking on water” or into the ocean shot!!! I love shooting these right after the sun sets during “blue hour.” The sky color and ocean is always so beautiful and peaceful looking!!! You could also have fun and do some splashing or crashing into the wave depending on how wet and crazy you want to get.


An easy trick for a tropical summer vibe when you don’t have the right backdrop is to just photoshop it! Find a good blank wall (white is my preference so you can change it to any color you want) and photoshop in some palm tree shadows! Check out these videos here and here to see how I did this above!


If you want some carefree and fun photos, you could always try a swing set!  This photo  above is from a carnival style party I went to and someone was swinging right behind me to get the shot.  Of course, you can also try a typical park swing set and shoot a few different angles! Movement is key. Have fun, move around and try different things out!

A few quick ideas to get the brain going:

  • flower fields, playing with depth of field
  • bikes make the best props
  • bubbles added to anything are always fun and interesting
  • splashing in any type of water
  • POV shots showing a pretty summer setup
  • summer sports
  • mirror selfie set up in an outdoor setup

If you need more creative ideas for your next photoshoot, definitely check out this post here. Happy shooting!

xx Francesca