Creative Ideas For Your Instagram Content in 2019

Creative Ideas For Your Instagram Content in 2019

I love getting creative with our photoshoots for the blog and Instagram. The influencer realm is so oversaturated that it almost feels like you always have to be pushing boundaries to be noticed. No complaints here as I feel it really forces me to keep pushing and keep thinking of new ideas. While it’s hard to come up with something completely new nowadays ( let’s face it.. everything has been done over and over again) it can still feel fresh to do something with your own creative take to it. No one sees the world the way you do. With that in mind, here is a list of some creative ideas you may want to try for your next photoshoot! Use this list as a starting point to get those creative juices flowing or just pick one and see how you can make it your own!

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Make some Bubbles! Bubbles are fun and also look so dreamy/magical in photos! They reflect the light in such a cool way.  Use a bubble machine or grab tiny bubble wand and start shooting!


Use a bathtub. Fill a bathtub with something fun and get in: Balloons, candy, flowers, bubbles.. have fun and test out different angles. You can always use whatever is in the tub and throw it around, play with it or match your clothes to it.


Bust out the Sparklers! Sparklers are always super fun in photos! They are even better if used at night (so they really pop in the photo) and create some moody lighting. 


Use shadows. Don’t be scared of shadows. Instead use them to create shapes, composition, and dimension. Sometimes the right shadows can make for a very interesting photo if done right. There’s lots of room here for experimentation. 


Use a mirror as a prop. I love what a mirror can do. It can create interesting shapes, show a focus on a particular thing or add more dimension and perspective.  So many shapes and sizes to play with. You can grab a small one and take it on location or use a big one at home. Building windows  (coffee shops or stores) are sometimes a great mirror too if shot at the right time! 


 Shoot in “everyday” places. Some of my most liked and reposted pics have been of me in everyday places that you wouldn’t normally use for a photo shoot. Some places: 7-Eleven, Target, the laundromat, a gas station. It’s always relatable and easy to make look natural. Plus there’s always some fun geometric lines that add great dimension in these places. 


Find Neon Lights. Find some neon lights or signs to get some interesting light in the photo. I love looking for neon signs in the city and us ambient light to light me up. 


Use firefly lights to add some bokeh and creative lighting. I love the different ways you can incorporate firefly lights. As a backdrop, to light up the floor, or maybe just holding them and using the light to light up the face. Always good moody vibes.


Smoke Bombs – I love this idea because it always catches the viewers attention no matter what. You can buy smoke bombs on Amazon in different colors. Purple, Blue, Red, Yellow. Just make sure to use responsibly!


Bust out the Wacom and illustrate. If you have an illustrating tablet you can Mix Illustrations with the Photo. I love shooting photos with the idea of illustrating directly on it after. You can get very creative here and make it your own!. It works best when the background isn’t too busy!


Art Installations: Some art installations are made to shoot photos. Look at your nearest installation, head over with your camera and see what you guys can come up with. Sometimes store displays are also just as amazing! Just make sure to ask for permission if you are using a store ;).


Catch those light rays. If you get up early enough or are at exactly the right place at the time the sun is setting you can get some amazing light rays. I love to show light in photos. My favorite is in the woods as the sun is peaking through the trees or catching that dust floating through the air via the window light seeping in. 


Through the window: I think this point of view is always interesting because it gives a candid natural feel. Shooting from the outside into whatever is on the other side of the glass is always fun!

Hope these photography tips help spark some ideas! If you end up creating something after reading this post please share with me! Nothing would make me happier than to see your creativity and I always love to see your beautiful art. Thanks for reading

xx F