Top posts of 2018 + whats next for Frank Vinyl

Top posts of 2018 + whats next for Frank Vinyl

I began my 2019 reflection by re-reading my post from the start of 2018 “What to expect from Frank Vinyl in 2018” just to get a better grasp of what I actually accomplished and was able to achieve in this year. To be honest I was a bit hesitant to read it because I tend to be really hard on myself and was scared that maybe I didn’t follow through or maybe I promised something that I never had time to accomplish. I was happy to see that I really did stick to what I was out to do this year. Looking back always helps put things into perspective.

Heres some of the promises I made and where we are now:

“I am only posting about products, clothing and things I really believe in”

I am proud to say I did not work with any brands that I wasn’t 100% behind. I said no to many and pursued those that I wanted to work with. I stayed very true to the FV brand. It is my number one priority to always be honest as an influencer in this space and I would never promote anything I don’t use, wouldn’t stand behind and don’t like. Moving forward I plan on working with more slow fashion/sustainable brands. I really want to learn more about this world and bring you guys along for the journey of understanding the slow fashion world and learning how to incorporate that into my life more seamlessly.

“More posts that are beneficial to you”.

I believe I was able to achieve this and hope that this year I can ramp it up even more. More styling videos (If you follow me on Instagram, you know what I’m talking about), more newsletters with BTS info and exclusive content, sharing a deeper look into my life and what goes on behind the scenes. While I know I did provide some quality content I hope to be able to bring more of that this year.

“Refreshing Frank Vinyl.”

I promised to do a revamp of my site. It’s definitely in need of a refresh.  While it may seem like I gave up on this, It just took me longer than expected. Happy to say the new Frank Vinyl website should be up soon (within a few weeks) complete with a new logo too! As soon as the site goes live you will be the first to know. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of the page to be the first to know!

“100% Authentic.”

I wanted to put my personality out there (believe it or not, this one is harder than it seems for me!) I tend to be super goofy and even awkward in real life but for some reason, it’s challenging to share that part of me with my online community. This year I made an effort to really be more of myself and it pays off because I feel all around happier and I know that I have made so many friends via social media because of it. SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS COMMUNITY! Can not say that enough.

I also uploaded many vlogs to my YOUTUBE sharing with you more behind the scenes of my travels and a deeper glimpse into my life. I used to be so scared to be myself unedited and raw and I really think this year was the year where I said: “Ok, this is me… sup?”. More of all this in 2019!


I’m happy because I really think I accomplished almost everything I set out to accomplish for 2018. I find myself at a plateau at the moment. I feel a bit stuck and trying to figure out what way to moves forward. I have some amazing plans for the future but I am scared, worried and uneasy. I find that running towards your fears though is sometimes the most effective way of getting things done, the best way in learning and the only way to grow.  I definitely want to shake things up around here. The problem is I want to do TOO much in too little time and find myself getting bogged down. Maybe my goal for 2019 should be to JUST BREATHE.

There is definitely an oversaturation of bloggers nowadays and I find myself wanting to focus on creating content that not only helps you guys but also creates a discussion and brings meaning to the blogging world. While outfit and travel posts will always be part of the mix, I find myself digging just a bit deeper. Like I mentioned before, I really want to work towards incorporating more sustainable fashion throughout the blog. I believe in supporting the smaller brands and moving towards a slow fashion approach. I know this will be a slower journey as I love me some fast fashion and I don’t think I can just stop cold turkey or if I ever will. My goal is to take a few steps in the right direction and be more conscious. In an effort to bring something great to the fashion community, I want to talk more about the importance of how we shop, where we shop and how often we shop (among other things of course).

Enough rambling though.

Let’s take a look back into my Top posts of 2018. l Would love to know which was your favorite and what would you like to see more of in 2019? 




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