Winter Date Night Ideas

Winter Date Night Ideas

I absolutely love a good date night so I thought it’d be fun to come up with a few ideas for you guys. You might notice I centered this around the winter season, and even though winter looks a bit different depending where you live, I think these ideas can work for just about everyone. Scroll through, pick whatever sounds fun, and plan a date night for your and your significant other ASAP!


Ice skate

You knew this one was coming. If you’re in southern California you could may be more of a roller skater like me, but ice skating in winter is always fun. Whether you find an indoor rink, outdoor by the beach, or it’s cold enough for a local lake to be frozen solid, get out and ice skate this winter! It’s fun to lean on one another while getting your bearings and usually involves (spiked) hot chocolate, which I’m always down for. Just a fun way to switch things up. 


Do a tasting

Tastings are always a good time, but I feel like there are even more of them during the winter/throughout the holidays. They can range from coffee flights at a local cafe to wine tastings to beer/spirit tastings to chocolate tastings. So many fun options, just do a search in your area and I guarantee you’ll find something. This could also be a really fun birthday party idea or some kind of group celebration. I personally love going to tasting with the hubs then going for a little sunset stroll. It’s always a nice romantic and bonding time. 

Browse holiday markets

You guys know I love a local maker or shop and try to support local whenever I can. So instead of browsing the mall hit up a local market. There are so many markets to hit up this time of year. Depending on what city you’re in, you might be able to find a Christmas market, but there’s also lots of opportunities for local maker markets too. Again just do a quick search and I know you’ll find something! It’s a great chill afternoon date and you can also get some holiday shopping done while supporting small. Heads up!  If you’re in SD, there’s the Petco Market happening through December.


Cozy night in

A cozy night in is one of the most underrated dates if you ask me, especially in the wintertime. Don’t get me wrong, I love the opportunity to go out and do something different but time at home can be sooo nice too! You can plan a bit in advance and choose a meal to make together from your favorite cookbook, stock up on your go-to drink and play a board game to end the night. Sounds amazing, right?? If you have a projector maybe try making a cozy pillow filled area and watch a good christmas movie on the projector.


A walk followed by dinner at your favorite spot

I had to include the classic dinner date, but with a bit of a twist. I know it’s pretty cold in some places, but squeeze in a walk before dinner! Maybe catch the sunset and then head to your favorite spot before it gets too chilly. Another idea is going for a scooter ride. If your city has those electric scooters to rent, hop on one of those and buzz around for a bit before dinner.  It’s such a fun way to kick off the night and gives you a little burst of energy if you’re feeling tired after a long day. Plus, its a great way to take in all the pretty city christmas lights. 


Excited to plan your next date night? I hope so! And if you’re looking for something to wear for your winter date, I got you covered for that too. Check out this post right here  or this one here.