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5 Best Brunch Spots In San Diego

There is no denying that the locals of San Diego take brunch VERY seriously, myself included. I personally love going out for brunch whether it’s with my family, my husband, or with my girlfriends. Starting your day with getting dressed up for a good meal and a fruity mimosa always gets me in the best…

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Best places to grab a cocktail in San Diego

If there is one thing I absolutely love about San Diego, it’s that there are plenty of amazing places to grab a cocktail! You know I’m a sucker for a good drink. From a good place to catch a sunset, the hipster under the radar bars to the IG worthy photogenic spots. There’s a place…

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Playing Dress Up with Beek

Happy Humpday my ittle Frankophiles! I just love saying that no matter how cheesy it sounds. There’s a part of me that slightly chuckles every time. Both because it’s cheesy and also because…pun intend! DUH! no? Ok.. moving on. Just ignore me, its late. The girls over at Tucci in Solana Beach invited me over…

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