My Favorite Picnic spots in San Diego

My Favorite Picnic spots in San Diego

Balboa park 

Balboa Park never dissapoints. John and I always go here to people watch, enjoy the pretty sights and relax. Theres always groups of friends and   families picnicking and you sometimes you can catch some good live music happening nearby.  It can get pretty packed on weekends so I always prefer weekdays, but people watching on weekends is always fun. My favorite place to picnic here is right infront of the botanical building on the grass looking at the big pond with the ducks. So relaxing and gorgeous.

Sunset cliffs

This place has gotten so packed lately (especially with covid), but there is no denying sunset cliffs is always stunning. If you aren’t familiar with San Diego, sunset cliffs is in Ocean beach and right along the most stunning cliffs! While they can be very dangerous (don’t get too close to the edge), they are also equally stunning. One of the most beautiful places to catch a view of the crashing waves against the rocks  and a gorgeous photo opp. I always get there an hour or more before sunset to save a good spot and get parking. 

La Jolla

La Jolla has so many good picnic spots and its almost hard to put just one. Windansea beach is by far the most beautiful beach in SD so this is probably my vote on the best spot. The cove area also has some beautiful spots but you have to just walk along the coast (walking towards Windansea) and take your pic.  


Coronado beach in front of the Hotel Del  

As far as beaches go, Coronado is one of my favorites and most beautiful beaches. I love that its a bit easier to find parking than La Jolla and the beach is so large that it’s easy to find a spot for yourself to lay out a nice spread. If social distancing is worrying you, then Coronado beach is the winner. So much space especially right below dog beach. You can hang out right by the water, post up infant of the Hotel Del for an epic backdrop, or find a private spot in between the dunes closer to Dog beach (towards the farther North part of the beach).


Coronado Ferry Landing

There are a few little areas next to the Ferry Landing that are super quaint and provide a unique viewpoint of the Downtown San Diego skyline. While it’s the bay side that you will be sitting by, you still get that beach like feel with sand and ocean. There’s also a grassy area if sand isn’t your thing. I really love this spot when I want to change things up and play tourist in my own city. I definitely suggest going during the week for this one to avoid touristy vibes and crowds though.


Kate Session Park 

This spot has gotten pretty damn popular since covid, but it used to be ore of a local spots. However, it’s still a hidden gem that isn’t too well known bob tourists. It has the most beautiful park with a view from above Pacific Beach overlooking San Diego. It’s super dog friendly so you can take your pooch or go enjoy watching the others run around. Every time I go it reminds me of San Francisco. It’s really beautiful!


Waterfront in Downtown 

Another epic park to post up on for a few hours with friends. If city is more your vibe than you can have a nice picnic on the waterfront surrounded by downtown SD with a view of the bay. You can also walk around before or after you are done and explore downtown which is nice if you aren’t from here. If you are with kids, there is a park right behind the grassy area also where they can run around. 

Hope this was helpful! Need more tips on San Diego? You may want to check out my post about Brunch spots here and Best places to grab a cocktail here.


xx Francesca