My Fave Posing Tips

My Fave Posing Tips

So excited to finally be putting these tips into writing for you guys because it’s been one of my biggest requests/questions over on IG lately, and I totally understand. Posing for a picture is an art and it takes practice and a little bit of know-how just like photography itself. There’s a reason professional models get paid the big bucks to pose. It’s not easy!! However there are a few things that can help you get a better hang of it. Getting in front of the camera can be intimidating AF,  but having a loose plan in your mind, knowing what works for you and infant of the camera and having some go-to poses can make it so much easier!

Let me just say,  I’m sure you look great in your photos regardless of your pose so don’t get hung up on the details, and remember to always have fun when shooting. Having fun will read through more than anything. Personally, I think the best photos are the ones where YOU really shine through, these are just small cues that can help accentuate that and help you feel more comfortable and in control of yourself. 

So here are a few of my fave posing tips anyone can do:

Create triangles with your body

Creating triangles by adding in angles with different body movements and poses helps give some dimension to your photos. It helps create negative and positive space which will make your photo and body look more dynamic – like you’re 3D, which is exactly what you what! Adding space helps the photo breathe and visually flow nicer. 

A few triangles to consider:

  • A bent knee
  • A bent arm(s) – bend and touch your hair, or maybe you’re holding a cup of coffee, putting your hand on your hip, etc.
  • If you’re sitting, consider your leg placement – maybe one is more pulled in and bent while the other is elongated
  • Consider the negative space you’re creating with your legs and arms (this is where you’ll see a lot of those triangles appear)

Opposites Attract!

When you are creating triangles, I always like to think in opposites. It doesn’t always need to be done but it can sometimes be the perfect touch. If one leg is bent, don’t bend the same side arm.. instead bend the opposite to balance out the pose.

Always create movement

One of the easiest ways to help your pose look more natural is by moving! Swish your dress, jump, drink your coffee, throw something, walk, hop step , grab something out of your bag- the possibilities are endless!  Make sure to shoot in burst mode to capture the full motion in camera. It might feel awkward in the moment, but it will read well on the camera (as long as it’s in focus), promise!

Do natural and unnatural movements

Speaking of movement, try to mix things up with natural things you would do with your hands or body. For example you could  hold coffee and drink it, casually leave hands in pockets, smile and tilt your head in different ways (like you would when talking or reacting to someone), do the pretend walking motion. flip through a magazine, pretend to snap a photo or anything else that comes to mind. You may also want to try some unnatural movements like super weird poses you wouldn’t normally find yourself in to see what it comes out like – something like this or this.

Use props

My favorite way to pose in photos is with props. This is why you see me with a lot of flowers, sunglasses, drinks, books, you name it! Not only does it give you something natural to do but it also helps you tell a story! Don’t sleep on using props! I dive into this a bit deeper in this post all about tips for taking lifestyle photos.

Elongate you legs

I love a good elongated leg moment like what I did here. Such a great way to make your photos look more dimensional and who doesn’t want longer legs?! One way to achieve this is by extending one leg further in front than the other and slightly bending them (especially one a little more than the other) or you can also step slightly closer to the camera with one leg  and push your hips further back – lots of different options and ways to do this and it’s almost hard to explain in writing but here are some photos to help out! Shooting the camera from lower also helps of course but making sure you are extending those legs in every way possible is a great help. 

Turn at a 45-degree angle

Turning at a 45 degree angle can be way more interesting than posing straight on. It will help create more flattering curves in your body, create more dimension and can even looks more natural. This photo is a perfect example of the magic a 45-degree angle can work.  Again, it goes back to giving your photo more dimension, which catches the eye and makes it more visually interesting than when you’re straight on.

Don’t slouch

Posture is everything!! Even if you’re going for a relaxed, slouchy vibe, you still want to keep that posture in check! Before you get your photo snapped, check yourself! A little trick a photographer once taught me was to pretend that a string is slightly pulling you up at the top of your head. it will help you keep the shoulders back, chest out and overall help you stretch out a bit to look more confident and even taller in your photo. 

Save inspo

See something you like? Hit that save button on IG or Pinterest!! This way you can refer back to it and have a log of poses you know you like. Seriously this saves me some days when I just don’t know what to do! I actually have a whole album on instagram and Pinterest called “pose” with all different poses saved from sitting at a coffee shop to more experimental abstract poses.

Like I said, this will probably take some practice. It really does take a while to understand your angles, your best poses and what works best for you but after a while, you’ll know exactly what to do when a camera is pointed your way! If you need more visual help then check out my posing reels on IG here , here ,  here and here

 Xx Francesca