Instagram Worthy Murals in San Diego

Instagram Worthy Murals in San Diego

You know I love a good backdrop! Keep on reading to find the most instagram  worthy , picture-perfect murals in the city of San Diego

Communal Coffee

This spot (shown above) is the most adorable coffee shop. I’ve mentioned it before in my IG worthy Roundups a few times for a reason. They have two pretty murals around the building. One being the one shown above (by Betty Larkin). Go grab a drink, do some plant shopping at the nursery next door and make sure to check them out. The second location in South Park (my favorite) also has a cute  mural you can shoot in front of!

Location: 2335 University Avenue


This Mural is so bright colorful and vibrant! It’s right outside the Artlexia shop which caries really cute little Mexican gifts and art. Take a pic then head to the shop to browse.

Location: 3801 30th Street


Down the street from Artlexia is one of the most shot walls in North Park. This cute pink wall looks good in every photo. I actually shoot here often because it always looks good. If you go during sunset, the light hits just perfectly !

Location: 3801 30th Street

North Park Mural

If you go to Artlexia and Pigment (mentioned above) you may as well stop by this spot too! It’s very close by. I love the colorful letters against the black backdrop.

Location: Across the street from Nomads Donuts. 3102 University Avenue


East Village Downtown San Diego

If you walk around the East Village area you can find a bunch of really beautiful murals.  This one shown above is my favorite of all. I love the colors in it so much. (Photo above from here )

Greetings from San Diego

This is such a classic SD mural giving a nostalgic postcard look. Located on the side in the Alley so it can be easy to miss, but it’s right on the corner. You can see it easily if you are driving in the right direction. Just Park around the address below and walk over .

Location: 4223 30th Street.

Smile you’re in San Diego

This one is also another SD classic, but it’s a hard one to get since it is in a parking lot that can get pretty busy. Plan accordingly

Location: Downtown 1st avenue and C Street

Murals of La jolla – Favorite Color

La Jolla has some beautiful murals hidden around the city, but my favorite is this colorful checkered one by Roy McMakin!

Location: 7596 Eads Avenue, La Jolla

Native Poppy

There is a tiny mural of beautiful poppys next to one of my favorite flower shops in SD. Head here for a cute pic and pop in the shop for flower browsing  (photo above from google maps)

Location: 3009 Grape St. in South Park

Grounds Bean Bar

This is the most adorable coffee shop that has beautiful wallpaper inside (which I guess counts as a mural), but it also has a pretty mural on the outside wall. They change it once in a while so you will have to go and see what they currently have! Above (the colorful hearts on black) is what they had when I shot there.

Location: 1571 La Playa Ave