Insta-Worthy Coffee Shops in San Diego

Insta-Worthy Coffee Shops in San Diego

San Diego has some of the cutest coffee shops! If you’re looking for a spot to get caffeinated and also take some cute photos, these are some of the cutest, most instagram- worthy coffee shops you should check out. Little disclaimer: I chose these locations based on how “insta-worthy” they are and not so much on how good the coffee is so some of these spots (while still good) aren’t the BEST you can find in SD as far as coffee goes but that will have to be a whole other blog post. Nonetheless, most do have good coffee and if not amazing coffee then they are good enough and absolutely adorable.


Communal Coffee

above Photos from Communal Coffee IG

Communal is one of my favorites and definitely a favorite amongst IG influencers, fashion bloggers and creatives. They have cute murals, adorable chairs and a little boutique to find little trinkets and things for the home like candles, dried plants and jewelry. This spot has three locations: North Park, South Park and Oceanside so make sure to check their IG and website to find out which you want to go to.  I personally prefer the South Park location just because it tends to be slightly less crowded an is mostly outdoors. I love the adorable trailer they have as their coffee counter where they take the orders and the adorable rainbow mural inside. The North Park location is always packed, but also has two adorable murals, a large indoor space and a great plant shop next door which is always fun for browsing, shopping and pics as well. I haven’t personally been to the third location just yet but I’m sure its equally beautiful

Holy Matcha

Photos above from Holy matcha IG

Holy Matcha isn’t exactly a coffee spot as they actually focus on MATCHA tea, but I had to include this because it’s has a beautiful aesthetic.  Matcha can get you just as caffeinated as coffee minus the Jitters so I thought I would include it (check out this post on why you should be drinking matcha). They also have two locations (one in North Park and one in Downtown). Both are adorable. The north park location  is larger, has a  more textured interior and has more photo-worthy areas including the pink velvet couch, leafy green wallpaper and pretty bathroom  complete with adorable cactus wallpaper for a little selfie moment. The Downtown shop is more minimal, clean, bright, airy and a lot smaller. It also has less places to sit, but has beautiful, clean, airy decor for a quick shot. I prefer North Park just because I have more seating options and the parking is way  easier.

Better Buzz

Photos above from Better Buzz IG page

Better Buzz is always a cute spot. They have multiple locations throughout San Diego and all are slightly different in looks and sizes.  I am also a huge fan of their coffee. I love the Hillcrest location because its large and has the cutest decor. The “Morning Drug” sign you see in the photo above always makes a cute backdrop. I also love the Encinitas location (if you can manage to be there when it isn’t too packed).

Check out their IG and website here to see what location works for you.

Cafe Madeleine

photo above from Cafe Madeleine IG page

If you’re looking for a chic, Parisian feel, Cafe Madeleine  is it! I love this spot because it’s not as well known so it doesn’t get too crowded and the outside always photographs beautifully. There are two locations and it really depends on what kind of photo you want. The one in South Park is a chic little red building (which  I love, because it’s on a quieter, more quaint street). The one in North Park is blue and on the corner of a busy street but also a little larger inside. I personally love the red one because it looks super Parisian and you cant beat that adorable outside seating area.

Grounds Bean Bar

Photo above from Grounds Bean bar IG page

I love Grounds Beans Bar for all the cute photo corners. You can shoot a cute coffee pic in front of the coffee bar (shown above), the seated tables (shown in first pic) and there’s also a pretty mural on the outside of the building. I love the mix of patterns and textures in here paired with gold accents and hanging plants. It’s so cozy and always nice to visit. Check their IG here

Moniker General

Moniker Coffee is one of my favorite places to work and shoot a quick photo but I find it’s harder to get a shot here because the good spots are almost always taken. This spot is bright and airy with your typical minimal coffee house vibes. Love the brown leather tufted sofas and tiled floors.  What I love is that they also have a craft cocktail bar so after 5 o’clock you can switch from coffee to cocktails.

Pink Rose Cafe

photos above from the Pink Rose Cafe IG

I personally haven’t visited the spot yet,  but I’ve seen so many people shoot photos here. This spot has a very girlie pink aesthetic complete with flowered walls, pink neon signs and cute latte art. This is definitely next on my list. Check out their IG here

Coffee & Tea Collective

Love C&T for the calm quiet space and the coffee is delicious. This place is a good minimal, airy concrete-floored, white walled and a few plants kind of place. There are two locations: one in downtown (cute but very small ) and one in North Park, which is my personal fave with the white walls and cement floors (like in first and third pics).  The Downtown location is small and has barely anywhere to sit so if you go have patience to wait for the spot you want. My personal fave is this tiled spot you see in the second set of photos. If you go to the north park location try one of their toasts with jam. The bread is delicious! Check out their instagram here

Cafe Basaam

TThis cafe probably won’t be found on many other insta-worthy San Diego roundups, because it’s a bit of a hidden gem. I love this spot because of the vintage European feel it has. Definitely a great place for a moody, artsy kind of photoshoot.  It’s very small and a bit crowded with all the chairs and you will find a good mix of people here— mostly locals and people working in the area. You can check the location tag on IG HERE to get a tiny glimpse into what it looks like. They do have coffee but their specialty is the wide selection of tea they have!

James Coffee

above photo from James Coffee IG 

James coffee is always cute. It’s great for a minimal industrial feel. My personal fave location is the Little Italy one.  If you want a good, moody spot or something more industrial and city-looking this spot is great. I really love the neon COFFEE sign.  My only issue is that it can be a bit dark and you have to find the light if you want a good photo. Keep in mind this spot does not have a lot of seating as its tiny and mostly for people who just run in and out to grab their coffee.

Happy shooting! For more San Diego photo spots posts check out this post here and this one here.