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2 Ways to style your white sneakers

 While you guys know I love a good heel, sometimes a good white sneaker can be more interesting (and of course definitely more comfortable). Truth is, you can really just throw on some classic white sneakers with almost ANYTHING.  I never was a fan of the “Dad Sneakers” ( I just can NOT get on…

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3 Ways to a Style Bandeau Top with Cosabella

You guys know I’m a huge fan of Cosabella! I have been working with them for years. Before I even worked with them though, I was already a big fan of their lingerie. I think I’ve been wearing the brand since I was about 17! Literally, my whole underwear drawer is and always was about…

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Styling Tip: Choose one Statement Piece

Let’s talk about that thing that makes your pupils dilate the second you see it. It makes your heart flutter every time you touch it. It makes you feel like a bad ass just because you can call it yours. I’m not talking about love or any sort of that “I need a man” nonsense.  I’m talking…

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