What’s in my bag? #NYFW edition

What’s in my bag? #NYFW edition

I’m writing from the airplane heading back home after a pretty tiring but exciting NYFW. I’m exhausted and so ready to get back home to John and my dogs. It’s almost embarassing how much I miss them after just a few days away. I wish I could pack them all in my suitcase with me and take them to all the shows and events. Apologies for not updating you guys any sooner. It was a crazy week and the jet lag was real this time. I headed to Chicago last weekend then back to San Diego for a day then back to NY only 12 hours later. Either way, so worth it and will be spending the rest of the flight editing photos.
I feel so humbled and grateful to be able to be a part of this crazy time of the year and experience it at a deeper level every time. This trip was even busier than last time and I had to figure out ways to keep updating my snapchat/instagram, stay fed, be able to do beauty touchups anywhere I went and make sure I had my passes/emails to get to where I needed to go and of course make it everywhere on time.
So what was in my bag during NYFW? 

  • Chanel bag. I wore this bag with almost all my looks. Yes, I know that Fashion Week is all about showing off your newest trendiest pieces, but why would you need more than one or two bags if you have a classic beautiful investment piece like this one? This Chanel is still my favorite bag to carry around and fits so much in that little bag.
  • Makeup.  My Bobbi Brown bronzer gives a nice natural Cali glow and my  Bobbi Brown Bronzing Brush to apply it. Tom Ford Lipstick in a purple/maroon shade that goes with just about anything (my TF has lasted me forever and keeps my lips looking moisturized), Nars lip gloss to wear on top of my TF lipstick.
  • External Charger. I got this AmazonBasics Portable Charger for $25. I swear by this one because you can re-charge your phone up to 5 times. I mean, with how much I snap and instagram my phone dies before I even have a chance to check my emails so thank the good Amazon gods for this one. It charges my phone super quick and gets me through the day. It also has dual USB ports so you can charge two things at once so you can share the battery wealth 😉
  • Sunglasses. My eyes are ultra sensitive to the sun so I have to wear sunglasses any time I step outside. Also, it hides my jetlagged undereye circles that I couldn’t seem to cover up enough. These sunnies are the newest additions to my closet! The top ones were sent to me  from TIJN right before Fashion week and the bottom round ones are Sunday Somewhere Valentine Sunglasses which  I picked up while in the city from the Bollare showroom (wore these pretty much the whole time).
  • FOOD!! The most important part.NYFW really is as fast paced as it looks and I’ve learned to prepare because some times you don’t have time to go grab a bite. I have the most sensitive stomach in the world. If I don’t have decent meals three times a day plus constant snacks in between I literally can’t even. No seriously. I will get in the worst mood and feel like I am going to faint. To the point where I will just bail any plan I have and go get food. Obviously during fashion week you can’t just not show up to the shows or appointments, so packing snacks is always crucial. I even had hardboiled eggs in my bag one day. I felt like that man in that one jury duty Sex and the City episode where that man always had the weirdest fruits in his briefcase. Yes,  I was that weird man at all the shows only the weird things were in my Chanel. I always carry KIND bars no matter where I go just because they are so jam packed with nuts and honey etc to help get me through whatever I need to get though. I’m not a huge fan of anything packaged but it’s always a lifesaver.

Did any of you go to NYFW? I wanna hear what your essentials for the busy days were! It’s always fun to see what people carry around and who knows, maybe I’m desperately missing out on something. More NYFW updates soon! Meanwhile follow along on instagram @FrankVinyl.

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  1. Sharon Wu on September 16, 2016 at 5:13 pm

    Perfect essentials! I can’t live without having some snacks in my bag too because I always get hungry really quickly -_- haha! Thanks for sharing babe <3 xo, sharon

  2. MITCH on September 17, 2016 at 8:44 am

    You even brings two sunglasses! So jelly! Both of them look stylish.
    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  3. Uzo O on September 19, 2016 at 3:43 am

    Looks like you had an amazing time at the show. Gorgeous bag.

  4. Atsuna Matsui on September 20, 2016 at 8:08 pm

    I’m totally in love with your Chanel bag!! I hope to invest in one myself one day.

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