How to get your posts sponsored #FVBloggingTips

How to get your posts sponsored #FVBloggingTips

4b8a8715-edit_3 It seems that every person has a blog now. I think it’s awesome, because now I have more blogging friends to talk to and share experiences with. I also have a lot of friends that are just starting and have never done any blogging before. Some want to do nutrition, some fashion, some fitness. All of these friends have approached me and asked the same thing “How can I start to get my posts sponsored?” While it can all seem like such a mystery at first, it really is just like any other business. You can’t just grow without letting people know you are there. It takes a lot of putting yourself out there and screaming “HEYYYY IM OPEN FOR BUSINESS!” before anybody actually steps in your door. It can be a bit overwhelming at first when you are just growing your following. Don’t worry, Frank is here to help shed some light on this subject that a lot of bloggers keep on the DL.

How to get your posts sponsored

The biggest advice I can give is to reach out to everyone (brands, other bloggers, pr people) and introduce yourself. Let people you want to work with know you want to work with them! You might have to be patient at first until you have a larger following and be ready for a lot of “No’s” in the beginning.  That’s the worst that can happen and that’s not even that bad! It’s all about being uncomfortable (only at first I promise) and emailing like a crazy person until someone decides they want to work with you. How are people going to sponsor you if they have never heard about you?
Make sure the people you are emailing fit well with your brand and niche. These companies want to work with people who fit their vibe and can promote it the most natural way possible. You can find the PR contact info at the bottom of their websites (most of the time). If you can’t find their PR email, find any email from their site and ask if they can please direct you to the right email address. This always works for me. Like I said, you can’t get anywhere without asking the right questions.
Yes, emailing  and reaching out is important, but it’s what you say in your email that is even more important! I can’t stress this enough! know immediately within the first two or three sentences if I want to keep reading when I get an email from someone who wants to collaborate with me. If it is too long, I can easily grow bored and might just stop reading. Time is money! As time goes on and you get more comfortable writing and socializing with people, you will find your groove and what works for you as well as how you want to come across to people and brands. How and what to say is really dependent on who you are, what you are looking for and who you are writing to of course.
*** I put together a small PDF for you guys to make the whole emailing thing easier.  To receive an email template of “How To Email Potential Sponsors”  CLICK HERE AND SUBSCRIBE  to my newsletter. The PDF will be sent to your inbox 🙂

Another great way to connect with brands you want to work with is through social media. Instagram gives you an amazing platform to follow your favorite brands, showcase them (tag them to get their attention) and even DM them and introduce yourself. This is always a great start! Sometimes it’s even better to start networking with them for a while via social media before even reaching out to them. This shows you really do care about their brand and are following what they are doing at the moment. Companies know when you are only reaching out to get free stuff and have no passion for their brand. It’s important you stay true to your voice and your own personal brand (of course you already know this).
Try to go to as many blogging social events as you can! This one is hard because some people might say , “Well, how do I even get invited to those?” A lot of the time it really is who you know. So get to socializing!! It might be making blogging friends via social media at first, then maybe coffee dates, then together you guys can join forces and figure out how to get deeper into the scene! There are a lot of blogging conventions out there as well and even groups by city for bloggers. I know that San Diego has a group connecting all the San Diego Fashion Bloggers. These girls help each other out often and give each other heads up of events happening locally.
Another way to get sponsored is through sites that connect bloggers to brands ( also known as Influencer Marketing Platforms) such as Socialix or TapInfluence. I’ve signed up to a handful in the past that have gotten me in touch with big name brands as well as smaller brands that I had never heard of. Depending on how many readers/followers you have, you can get paid sponsorships or at least do some fun collabs with brands you might like. Best part is you can sign up to more than one at once and see the campaigns start to roll in !
If I missed any points please feel free to share them in the comments below! Did you like this post? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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