Packing List: beach weekend getaway (carry-on)

Packing List: beach weekend getaway (carry-on)

Hola! John and I just got back from a super relaxing and much needed staycation only 25 minutes away from our home in Imperial Beach. We stayed at the South Pier resort which is right on the ocean. I grew up by the ocean and I always feel at home when I get to fall asleep listening to those waves crash. It was a nice little getaway to say the least.
Although I am a fashion blogger, I try to pack as lightly as I can always. There’s nothing I hate more than feeling weighed down by clothes and possessions when I am on vacation.  I always get comments on how amazing of a packer I am while still being stylish, so I wanted to share what I packed with you. The trick is to pre-plan the outfits and make them as easy as possible. If you pre-plan then you won’t be missing anything and you wont overpack. Take clothing that packs up lightly and can be worn different ways (this way, if you end up not being too fond of one outfit then you can just re-arrange and style the same piece differently).

Here is my packing list for a beach weekend getaway:

  • 1 Long maxi dress – A maxi dress is the perfect item to pack for any beachside vacation. It can easily be worn from day to night by simply adding some flirty accessories and maybe adding a jacket (I chose denim for me this weekend). It is lightweight and wont take up much space in your suitcase. You can even stuff it into some shoes or purse to help it keep its shape or roll it up tightly when you pack it.
  • 2 pairs of denim. I don’t think you need two to be honest, but I brought 2 because one was high waisted pair (these pictured above are from GRLFD DENIM) and the other low waisted ones. I tend to get uncomfortable with high waisted when I ride bikes which we had on our itinerary so I brought low waist ones in case I was uncomfortable. I always recommend taking one easy pair of jeans that goes with everything when you are packing. Just in case it gets cold or you find yourself in a rut.
  • 1 Casual t-shirt. Speaking of ruts, I always pack a basic solid neutral colored tee. It doesn’t take up any space, it can be worn various times throughout the trip and always looks classic. If I don’t end up using it, I most likely will sleep in it one night.
  • 3 bags – I know that sounds like a lot but hear me out. I packed one small cute bag that took zero space (the straw circle one above). I was able to pack my sunglasses and accessories inside of it saving me more space. I took one beach tote which easily folded flat on the bottom of my suitcase. Trust me, you need a good beach tote! The one pictured above is from Cleobella.  I also took one dressier Chloe bag to take out in case we went to dinner or just to dress up any outfit.
  • 1 Romper- Just like a maxi dress, the romper is so key! It’s a shirt and pants in one so, yeah. I mean, duh. No brainer right there. A romper is so clutch on vacation and always saves you space.
  • 2 Scarves– I always pack small silk scarfs or bandanas just to add a little flair to my outfits.  You can use it for your hair on the beach, around your neck as an accessory or tie it your bag to help add a pop of color to your outfit. They are great also for stuffing your shoes and helping them keep their shape in your suitcase.
  • 2 pairs of shoes– I always pack some black stylish flats because they go with everything and can be worn in the day or at night for a nicer dinner. I chose these Schutz ones that are pointy and have cute studs on them. Being that I was at the beach I didn’t pack any heels. One pair of cute sandals that could be worn to the beach is of course crucial. The trick here is to make sure your flats can go cute with any daytime outfit (neutral colors are best) and also worn on the sand at the beach. Dual purpose is key. I love Forever 21 for cheap cute on trend sandals. If they aren’t too expensive then you wont be upset if they get messed up at the beach.
  • 2 swimsuits – 1 full suit for the days when I don’t want to think about how bloated or un-bloated my stomach is on that day (you never know with this stomach… it has a mind of its own) and 1 cute bikini for that day of tanning.  Honestly pack 3 if your heart desires.  I try to wear a different suit everyday mostly so I get an even tan. No weird ass tan lines puhleeez. Swimsuits take no room, which is why I love vacationing at the beach!
  • 2 hats – I took one straw hat with me for the sun and one fisherman cap because it’s the perfect addition to any outfit (for those moments we weren’t at the beach or maybe I am having a bad hair day).

I also packed my makeup and toiletries all in a small bag. Took my own travel sized products and curling iron. Also, because I am always taking photos and often working while Im on vacation, I took a small backpack with my computer, camera and external harddrive.
Hope everyone had a good weekend!
xx F