Photography Tips: 5 tricks for taking great photos with your iPhone

Photography Tips: 5 tricks for taking great photos with your iPhone

I know most of you think you couldn’t possibly use your phone for great photography. I don’t have experience with other phones when taking photos, but I do know that if you have an iPhone, you definitely can take a great looking photo. The kind of photo that you wouldn’t even be able to tell was taken on your phone. Especially if you have an iPhone 7 plus. Sometimes I just don’t have my DSLR on me. This is when the iPhone comes in handy. Especially if I am on the go and need to take a cute outfit shot for my instagram. Believe it or not, all these photos below were shot on an iPhone.

While a lot of people are able to just use editing apps and upload to their social media directly from their iPhones, I actually edit my iPhone photos on my computer then finish editing with apps on my phone. I throw all my iPhone photos through the same editing process I would with my DSLR photos just so it all flows together. Each and every Instagram account is different though so that really depends on what you are looking for. If a simple VSCO filter works for you that’s awesome! If you have no idea what apps to use, stop by this post “Great Editing Apps for Your Phone” to see what apps you can use to help your photos pop.
Editing is the topping on the cake in my opinion. With bad editing, you can definitely ruin a great photo. However, there are definitely some great tricks you can do to get that great photo initially by simply snapping the camera on your iPhone. For now, let’s just talk about how you can shoot better photos with any iPhone.

5 tricks for taking great photos with your iPhone:

  1. Clean your lens! The worst thing is seeing your photos and not understanding why they are slightly blurred. I was so guilty of this for the longest! Your iPhone camera lens gets dirty every 5 seconds so make sure to wipe it off with your t-shirt or a soft cloth before shooting your photo. You’d be surprised how crisp and clear it comes out with a cleaned lens.
  2. LIGHTING. Know what great light looks like. If you have good light, that’s already half the battle. Are you looking for a moody shot? Maybe a clearly bright shot? If you’re indoors, try and get near a window so you can get that pretty diffused light coming through the window to light up your subject or your object. If you are the subject, make sure to turn towards the light. Do not shoot with the light behind you (unless you want to be a silhouette or if you have a pretty selfie light on your camera). You want just enough light to see things clearly. I would stay away from harsh direct light as much as possible unless its magic hour. Don’t forget you can also adjust the brightness or darkness of your photo by tapping on the subject on your screen and then drag your finger up or down to brighten or darken the photo.
  3. ANGLES. Shoot from a different angle. Your iPhone camera is a wide-angle which means most likely it will distort the subject. If you shoot from a lower angle it will make you look taller instead of smaller. Also, shooting from a low angle is the easiest way to create a more interesting photo. However, don’t go TOO low unless you want to look ginormous and like you have a tiny head. Maybe get your coffee shot from directly above showing your shoes, bag, floor…everything. Look for that birds eye view. Finding different angles can dramatically make your photo appear more interesting where no one would even wonder or care if it’s taken on an iPhone.
  4. Location. Pay attention to your location always. If you are using an iPhone you especially need to make sure the location is great. Does it match the clothes you are wearing? Does it compliment it? Does it show off the amazing background? Does it make your outfit pop? All these are questions you should be asking. When shooting with your phone you want to make sure nothing distracts from the subject/object you are shooting. Most iPhones will get everything in detail unless it is an iPhone plus (that amazing portrait mode tho), so definitely pick a pretty backdrop.
  5. Burst mode. If you are shooting your outfit take advantage of “burst mode” on your phone and move around like crazy. Get different angles or movements so that you can have options. Look through them to see what pose/angle is working best for you. Try another burst now working with those angles. This is best used when you want a candid moving shot or you just don’t have much time. Also great for when you hand your camera over to someone who isn’t that great with an iPhone. This way you will be sure to at least get one good shot.

Hope you liked these easy tips! If you have any other tips please share below!

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