Great Editing Apps for your Photos

Great Editing Apps for your Photos

Editing on the go can be so easy if you have the right apps.  The right editing apps for your phone are so essential! You know I’m always sharing all the info with you guys so here’s my list of the apps I know are great for both video and photo. I use most of these on the REG to help make my content pop.


I’m not particularly a big Snapseed user, but I have so many IG/blogger friends that swear by it! It really is a great app though so it made the list. You can add clouds, crop, blur backgrounds, add grainy film for a vintage look and so many other great things! Really great app if you are on the go and just need a quick touchup on your photo! DOWNLOAD HERE


This app is truly so genius just like the creator Tezza Barton. There’s a reason it’s gotten millions of downloads already. When I’m looking for a certain vintage pop I often use the presets from this app and sometimes even apply it on top of my own presets for IG stories. You can choose your preset (they are all great), lower the opacity, adjust the colors, brightness (all that good stuff) and also add grain. My fave part is the video editing tool. You can add a preset to your videos giving it that magic touch and a vintage camera effect. Perfect for IG stories! You do have to pay a pretty penny for the perks but it’s really worth it.  DOWNLOAD HERE


This is my favorite editing app and it’s FREE! It takes a bit to understand, but once you do you can really do so much! I love it because I can save my presets from my computer and use them on this lightroom app as well. It’s great if you use other creators’ Lightroom presets as well! See how I edit my iPhone images using this app here. You can also sync your Lightroom desktop photos to it. You can adjust lighting, saturation, select what part you want to edit or change the color of, add grain and save a custom preset you created via the app. I also love that you can edit in RAW so if you have built-in wifi to your camera, you can send it to this app and edit on the go. DOWNLOAD HERE


This one is great for beginners who don’t want too much fuss. The Vsco app has its own filters which can be fun to play around with. You can also join the VSCO community and share your photos with other users on the app. You can do all the normal stuff like adjust brightness, saturation, colors, etc but can also customize your presets to make your own. I loved this back in the day and used it a lot, but now I prefer Lightroom for mobile and the Tezza app. I think the best part about VSCO is the community where you can search hashtags to see what other creators are uploading.   DOWNLOAD HERE


The Facetune app is a must-have! It’s great for removing blemishes, fixing something on your face you don’t like, smoothing out wrinkles and almost anything you can think of. You can even whiten teeth and give yourself a waist if you choose to do so. Make sure to not OVER EDIT on this app! Doing that can easily make your image look overprocessed (which never looks good). I like to use it lightly to do things like take away any distractions, smooth out my wrinkly hands (that’s my weakness), sharpen and make my jewelry pop or tame my messy hair a bit.  DOWNLOAD HERE 


I LOVE this app. I actually overuse it, but I don’t care. This is great for your Instagram Stories. I love adding fun borders and an artistic touch to an otherwise boring photo. You can have film looking frames, collages, ripped paper look and more.  If you pay for the upgraded version you can customize further like branding the borders with your IG handle or brand name. DOWNLOAD HERE

If you want to learn more about how to improve your iPhone photos and take the best photo possible, check out this post here where I’m sharing a few tricks I use to for taking a great iPhone photo. If you don’t have an iPhone, no worries as some of the tips can still help you out!

I hope this was helpful and thanks for stopping by! If you have any app suggestions drop them in the comment section!

xx Francesca