Trendy Accessories I’m currently into

Trendy Accessories I’m currently into

I’ve been seeing so many great accessories lately that I thought it was time I put together a little roundup of the trends I’m seeing and loving. If you’ve been a Frank Vinyl reader for any amount of time though, you know sustainability and shopping mindfully is important to me. I love a good thrift find or shopping brands that keep sustainability at the forefront, but I do think you can shop for trends with intention, meaning you’ll wear the item more than a few times. Keep that thought process in mind as you browse my picks! There are some pretty great items that I think can go beyond being trendy and find a permanent place in my wardrobe – something I always think about when shopping!

Accessorized face masks

I never would have thought I’d be writing about how much I love the evolution of face masks, but here I am. The last year has opened up a whole new accessories dimension and I love seeing all the options. Say goodbye to your plain mask and hello to these very cool and trendy options!


Scarves might be the most unexpected trend on this list. They can obviously be really practical but fun and funky too, which is what I’ve been seeing lately and why I decided to include them here! Plus there’s a lot of versatility in scarves because you can also wear them in your hair, as a top, around your neck… the list goes on and on!

Tinted Sunglasses

This is a trend I can definitely get behind for the long run! I love a good pair of tinted sunglasses. Even if you don’t live a warm climate year-round like I do, some pink or yellow lenses on your shades could be just what you need! Love how they instantly make your outfit funner and happier. 


Flatforms are the perfect solution for girls that want a bit of height to elongate the leg but also don’t want to be trying to wear a heel all day. I love a good heel moment every now and then (just check out my last trends post) but am very much into flatforms especially for the comfort. Snag yourself a good pair and you’ll have them for years!

Oversized Metals 

You guys know I love a metal detail and 2021 is fully embracing this trend and so am I. Honestly don’t even need to buy a whole lot because these are pieces I already like to have in my wardrobe but might pick up these bangles or a new pair of hoop to add to the collection and spice things up.

I hope this was fun to look through. What trends are you into right now?