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How to be More Sustainable Without Spending Any Money

You guys know that even while being an “influencer”, one of my biggest priorities with my platform is using it to promote and support sustainability more and more each day. It’s one of the reasons I’ve shared ideas for capsule wardrobes and try to balance out my shopping content by supporting sustainable brands and products…

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How to Build a More Sustainable Closet

This month is Earth Month and I’ve been taking a hard look at my fashion footprint and what I can do to live a more sustainable fashion life. As a fashion blogger, there’s a huge pressure to keep up with the latest trends.  The trends change so quickly and it can be hard not to…

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Sustainable and Ethical fashion brands you will love!

As I get older I find myself wanting to invest in brands that are made of excellent quality, that will last me longer (classic) and that have an amazing story behind the brand. I have also started to really become a little more interested in sustainable and ethically made clothing. I have to be honest,…

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