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Valentines Day Date Ideas for 2021

Just in case you need a few ideas of what to do for this valentines day, I got you! These don’t have to be for just people that are coupled up. You could do these ideas with friends, family or your significant other. Keep on reading/scrolling to see a few Valentine’s Day Date ideas !…

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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for Every Occasion

February is finally here and in case you haven’t been to Target or to the mall lately, it’s full-on Valentine’s Day mode. Valentine’s Day is the one holiday we all hate to love (or for some, maybe even love to hate?). The hubby and I like to keep it chill and usually do something casual,…

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Under $20 Valentines Day Gift Guide

Hey guys! To be 100% honest, I’m not a huge Valentines day person. Judging by the above photo you would think I was though right?  I just thought the balloons would make a really cute creative pic and well… this giveaway post gave me an excuse to throw on my red slip dress from Urban Outfitters.…

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